Franci Neely has worked at the reputable litigation firm Susman Godfrey, L.L.P., where she has had a remarkable legal career.

She was involved in business litigation at the firm for more than 20 years before she decided to retire and focus more on philanthropy and volunteering.

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Neely has been a member of numerous nonprofit organizations, including the board of Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

At the museum, she also served as Co-Chair of Art and Film of Islamic Worlds.

Neely is also a member of Moody Center’s for the Arts board and the Baker’s Institute of Public Policy board.

Franci admires traveling, and she has visited many countries, including Kuwait, India, Qatar, Cuba, and Morocco. She attended the University of Texas Austin School of Law and lives in Houston, Texas.

At the start of each day, Neely usually drinks a Cor Sickle coffee and prepares a “to-do” list which usually involves assisting at least one individual in solving their predicaments.

Neely is a big fan of proactiveness compared to simply being reactive.

Avoiding procrastination has been one of the most effective ways that Franci Neely has used to bring ideas to life.

While working at Susman Godfrey, she learned that people should give their all to each task rather than awaiting perfection.

Franci found the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, especially in the art community, to be a very interesting trend.

This includes curated tours and lectures and streaming of performances on the internet, a trend that is predicted to continue even as things return to normal.

Franci follows the advice of making choices for a worthy reason and standing by those choices.

As such, she has contributed to various good causes, including helping people affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

During her philanthropic missions, Neely also tries to avoid making impulsive decisions.

She believes every entrepreneur should follow this advice.

Franci Neely believes one failure she had as an entrepreneur was not giving 100% at everything she did.

She believes entrepreneurs should be wise when picking their causes and work diligently to avoid such situations.

Nelly has loved books since she was a small child.

Particularly, she likes reading a lot of novels and other creative writings.

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