Luke Lazarus has never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth but some can’t help but wonder how he managed to be a multi-billionaire in just a few short years.

Well, it all began when he was first born in the summer of 80 & did his best to ensure that he would have a career that would be one of the most successful the world has ever seen.

Luke Lazarus ran his first company when he was only 8 & this is how his folks knew he would be one of the best new businessmen the world had ever seen.

As he started high school, he tried to get his GPA up to a solid 4.0 & it was not long before he had brought this mission to fruition.

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He went on to finish at the top of his class & this is how he was able to get a full ride to MBS in the fall of 98.

He did so well that he was able to finish a year early & from there he went on to pursue his MBA at their business school.

As he prepared to leave his academic career behind, he knew he had to make a living.

So Lazarus became a business owner & was able to ensure that this took off in just a few months.

When he got to his mid 30’s, he was able to retire if he desired. Though he was tempted to do this, he opted to be a consultant instead.

So he would meet with aspiring businessmen & women & give them some honest advice on how to ensure their company would take off.

He knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat but was prepared to get in it for the long haul.

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