Robinson HelicopterFrank Robinson had an avid imagination growing up and was always fascinated by things that could fly. As time went on, he dreamt of designing and producing helicopters. His educational journey took him to the University of Washington where he was awarded his BSME degree and later on to the University of Wichita. After graduating, Robinson spent the next few years working for different companies and learning what he could about creating design studies. All of his work experience gave him the momentum to start his own business with the help and support of his family.

In 1973, Robinson Helicopters became a reality. This company is now renowned for its production of high-quality and economical helicopters. Their most sought-after helicopters include the R44 and R66. Before these helicopters came into circulation, they were preceded by the R22 which was invented in 1975. The R22 was credited with being the most available and dependable helicopter of its time. All of the Robinson Helicopters had to undergo many years of testing and modifying to receive the necessary FAA Type Certificate.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopters quickly became high in demand. By 2010, over 5,000 R44 helicopters had been sold and distributed and that was just the beginning. Once the R66 became available to the public, the demand outweighed the rate of production and there was soon a waitlist. Without Frank Robinson, the company would never have left the drawing table. His findings and contributions led to the manufacture of economical and dependable helicopters that were made available to everyone.