Austin-based Eterneva is a firm that creates diamonds from the ashes of cremated bodies of dead people and pets. Individuals who need to have lasting memories of their relatives, friends, or pets send the ashes for the company to make personalized diamonds for their memories. Customers select their desired colors, shapes, and sizes. They also choose the messages to be inscribed on the diamonds.

In a recent move, the firm raised three million dollars from various investors to grow. The company opened its doors in 2016 and has since then raised more than four million dollars for its development. In a recent interview with Crunchbase, Eterneva’s CEO, Adelle Archer, noted that the raised funds would help to expand the company’s laboratory.

The firm will also use part of the money to teach the public about the diamonds and help in grieving. In 2019, Archer and her co-founder Garret Ozar contributed to Shark Tank. It helped in the company’s growth because it helped the company gain hundreds of customers since then.

Baylor University conducted a study to educate the public about what the company does to help grieving people. It collaborated with morgues and crematoriums in 2020 to educate them on arranging their things in three days. The company will use the outcome of the study to improve the services they provide to their customers.

The company collaborated with mortuaries in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Vermont to help the residents get those services. According to Archer, the firm provided its services to the customers directly before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

However, they had to find new ways of doing things because of the numerous changes that the pandemic brought. That is when the firm collaborated with funeral homes to provide digital services to their customers. That would help improve the death industry since customers would receive satisfactory services from the company.

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