Ross Levinsohn With more than four decades of solid history making advances in the publishing industry, Ross Levinsohn has made strong contributions to each of the companies that he has been involved with. While he is currently active as the Sports Illustrated CEO, Levinsohn also spends his professional time in the publishing world leading The Arena Group. Previously, Levinsohn has also contributed greatly as an executive to Guggenheim Digital, Whisper Advisors, CBS Sportsline and several other key media industry players.

For the last six years, Levinsohn has been the Sports Illustrated CEO, and he took on this prestigious role when The Arena Group bought its digital rights. The Arena Group is also a parent company for 300 additional entities, including brands like Maxim, Athlon Sports, Spry Living and Relish. In his lofty and exciting positions, Levinsohn’s initiatives have resulted in substantial growth on various levels. At Sports Illustrated, the gains have been generated through Levinsohn’s development of several additional website subscriptions. This development was in direct response to a jump in traffic to the brand’s website. Joining the general subscription that was already offered online, the new Sports Illustrated subscription options boost digital profits while also enhancing the visitor experience.

Ross Levinsohn’s extensive work at The Arena Group includes more than leading the acquisition of Sports Illustrated in 2016. He has also taken the initiative to purchase Parade magazine on behalf of The Arena Group. Through this acquisition for $16 million, The Arena Group has been able to expand its lifestyle vertical. The weekly publication runs in 700 respected newspapers every Sunday. With Parade’s weekly readership base of 54 million, The Arena Group now connects to more than 120 million people regularly. Ross Levinsohn continues to look for growth opportunities in the publishing world.