To Hawkers, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the man that came in as a savior when the company was in a financial crisis. When Betancourt joined the company, he helped in giving Hawkers new direction. Today, the company known as Hawkers was never renowned for its sunglasses because the first venture was tech. However, when the opportunity to resell sunglasses came by, directors of the company took it up as an additional investment venture. The company decided to take the sunglasses business seriously two years into reselling sunglasses upon making $60 million in revenue.

Initial challenges

Hawkers founders found themselves in a whole different world when they ventured into the sunglass business. Money was coming in at the same time production costs were taking up most of it. Therefore, the founders decided to turn to renowned Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, who came in and became the much-needed solution. Betancourt was already doing great with his asset management company O’Hara Administration. Having handled projects globally, Betancourt came into the company knowing exactly what Hawkers needed.


Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had to come up with strategies that would revive the company. Instead of looking for external strategies, he first decided to start from within. So, Betancourt began with the core values of Hawkers, which were to provide high-value sunglasses at affordable prices. He also drew his strategies towards social media which was the platform that helped sell 90% of the Hawkers sunglasses. Knowing what would work for the company, he brought on board investors who invested $56 million into the company. The investment then was used to open various offices globally, resulting in a successful sale of 4.5 million sunglasses sold by the year 2017.

About Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Mr. Betancourt is an alumnus of Suffolk University. He is a holder of an Economics degree and a Business Administration degree. Betancourt first started working in the energy industry at BGB Energy and joined Guruceaga Group. His business mind nature has had him working in various industries and now Hawkers, a fashion industry company.

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