Anyone advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic has been making significant adjustments, especially James Geiser of SeaWorld. Revenue for SeaWorld plummeted to just four percent of normal last summer. Now, the firm is looking to lure visitors back to its parks after the passing of an exhausting year. James describes working for an amusement park at the start of the pandemic as surreal, something that seemed to be happening somewhere else before the entire country stopped in its tracks. SeaWorld needed to revamp its marketing to make sense during these troubling times. The company decided to show people wearing masks on a roller coaster is possible and that the face coverings stay on easily.

Another hurdle facing these amusement parks has been the state CODVID-19 restrictions. An example is when Virginia cut capacities to 1,000 people. Busch Gardens Williamsburg can hold 38,000 people, and so the capacity cut was a challenging problem. The company decided to create an exclusive experience where 1,000 people were at the park at a time. The firm bundled in food with admission to part of the park, creating a wonderful experience for those who wanted a unique experience. There were two to three sessions a day, helping to make up for lost revenue during the pandemic.

The company is trying to let people know that it is okay to have fun again. Investors are betting on SeaWorld, with the company’s shares up sixty percent this year. The share price is going up three times the rate of live concert ticket sellers. James Geiser is bullish, but he says that it will take a little time for people to grow comfortable going out again. The firm is getting an excellent response over spring break. They are optimistic about the future as the country continues recovering from the pandemic.

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