Caribou There has been a lot of talk about a new delivery service that has popped up in the UK in recent years. Caribou is a unique delivery service that offers customers a different kind of experience when it comes to their shipping needs. They offer a myriad of services in this field but are well known for their domestic shipping. Recently, they have also seen growth in both their domestic and freight shipping. Freight in particular has expanded to include both air and sea.

Caribou was co-founded somewhat recently by Scott Dylan in conjunction with other individuals dedicated to solidifying it as a powerhouse in the delivery industry one day. The Caribou team knew that they initially wanted to tackle some of the bigger issues that are present in this industry and immediately focused on customer service. Customer service is the biggest way to ensure growth but also creates brand loyalty. Caribou isn’t just selling themselves to a customer for one particular package, they are marketing their continued services as a reliable alternative.

Some of the ways that they seek to do this are through excellent customer care in the event of a change in delivery and through a high level of communication. Good communication ensures that there is no uncertainty with the client and guarantees that they have some idea of what is going on with their goods, reducing stress. While Caribou works to deliver most packages on time, they also have systems in place to address concerns that customers might have about their packages.


One thing that they are working on implementing to a greater degree is package tracking. While most delivery services offer some form of delivery tracking, they seek to take it a step forward and provide live feedback on the product’s location as it is out to be delivered. This gives the customer an adequate amount of time to become available to accept it or make arrangements. This is a level of knowledge about the delivery process that simply is not available yet for consumers in a lot of markets. This technology and the spirit of customer service are sure to bolster Caribou as a quick customer favorite in no time.