Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is a dedicated business executive and entrepreneur who is known for his adaptability and willingness to take risks. His first position was self-employment as an entrepreneur. He and another broadcast communications graduate out of the class of 1985 from American University founded a production company. Levinsohn left in 1989 when they sold it. He then started working for Time Warner Sports, which was a division of HBO.

After five years in Time Warner Sports’ promotions and marketing division, he returned to production services. This position was at SportsLine, a show owned by CBS. He spent about five years working there before joining Alta Vista in 1999. Ross Levinsohn was intrigued by the growth of the internet and wanted to be part of the portal launch. Though the business ultimately changed its mind about the portal, the project gave Levinsohn a lot of insight about the role of technology in communications.

Levinsohn started his first managerial role in 2001, which was at Fox Interactive Sports Media. His leadership skills blossomed, and he received a promotion to CEO just a few years later. He stayed in that role for a few years until deciding to strike out as an entrepreneur again. In 2006, Levinsohn and James Heckman co-founded a new enterprise for digital advertising based on optimizing ads for search engine results. They called their company 5to1.

Yahoo noticed 5to1’s growth and made Levinsohn and Heckman an offer they couldn’t refuse in 2010. Levinsohn joined Yahoo, and Heckman stayed on his own. He founded Maven. Levinsohn spent the greater part of the 2010s serving as CEO at a variety of institutions, including Tribune Company. He also formed a couple of startups and sat on the board of his alma mater.

Maven grew rapidly during these years. In 2019, Heckman needed a fresh face to push his newest acquisition forward. Sports Illustrated needed Levinsohn’s guidance. Ross Levinsohn agreed to work with Heckman again. The results astounded everyone. When Heckman delivered an announcement related to retirement plans, he picked Ross Levinsohn to be the newest CEO of Maven as of August 2020.