PosiGen: The Solar Energy Company Providing Sustainable Energy

Solar energy is a natural power that people harness from the sun. They use various modern technologies to do this, and they include photovoltaics, solar heating, solar architecture, and thermal energy. PosiGen is an American company that desires to provide solar power and energy efficiency services to all citizens. The sun is a renewable source of energy, and therefore, it is energy efficient.


PosiGen Objectives:

PosiGen concentrates on providing energy efficiency services to neighborhoods where people of color live and people who have moderate to low incomes. The company is focusing on helping these communities to be thrifty with their money. Consequently, they will be able to cater to their utility bills and other investments comfortably.


PosiGen main objectives include the following:

-To have a positive impact on our environment. PosiGen provides energy-efficient services to their clients. That creates a dependency on sustainable and renewable energy that does not deplete our environment. Additionally, at PosiGen they also ensure that they maintain their services. Therefore, they make the homes of their customers safe and clean.


-Assist the clients to save money. Solar energy is economical and cheaper to use. Therefore, the families that use it can develop their surroundings and themselves through the extra money they keep.


– PosiGen aims to empower the vulnerable and underprivileged through their solar energy company. Additionally, at PosiGen, they employ neighborhoods that embrace their energy-efficient solar power. Over 65% of the staff at the company are people of color and women.


-The solar company ensures that the money the communities save reverts to them through various development schemes that they support in their local neighborhoods.


Background of PosiGen:

The PosiGen solar energy company began after the tragic Hurricane Katrina that made many people homeless. Programs started to assist the residents of New Orleans in building their homes after Hurricane Katrina. However, most of them concentrated on the wealthy population. The other moderate and humble inhabitants could not develop their homes as required. PosiGen noticed this gap, and the founders focused on assisting these people. The company had a unique model where they urge their consumers to save the extra dollars they get when switching to solar energy. Clients who do not economize cannot utilize the resources that PosiGen provides. Over the years, the company has grown, and it has fulfilled its core objectives.