Susan Mcgalla and Her Role in Encouraging Women Excel in Corporate and Business Sector

Some women have been successful in various career fields. However, an equal number of them do not know what to do to be successful women. Women nowadays are in boardrooms, and things like unequal pay and inequality for women does not exist anymore, unlike in the past. The positive changes are as a result of efforts by government and non-governmental organizations to curb challenges.


Women know how to carry out several tasks at once and still excel in those jobs. Over the years, some women have proven their ability to take up any challenge that comes their way. Such women are doing well in the corporate world, based on their leadership skills. They are also establishing their ventures and managing them well.


Very powerful women are now dominating the business world; some are coming up while others are already doing well in the sector. In the past, the business world was a no-go-zone for ladies because men had dominated it. However, this is not the case for Susan McGalla. Women like Susan McGalla act as role models to other women since they are at the top of their careers. Such ladies are good at networking, and their management skills are exceptional.


About Susan McGalla


Susan is a successful business lady who understands what it feels like to climb the ladder of success and maintain the position. According to Susan, she believes that passion, hard work, confidence, and versatility are necessary attributes for success. Susan understands that positive results are as a result of sacrifice and powerful traits. Susan advises other women to work hard and sacrifice to make ordinary and extraordinary results both in the business and corporate world. Susan admits knowing she has greatness, and she believed in herself.


McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Executive Consulting has its headquarters in Pittsburgh. McGalla is the director of Pittsburgh Steelers, where she heads Strategic Planning and Growth. She has experience in retail and clothing fields. Her expertise attracts personalities in the area of finance. Susan was working at Joseph Horne Company before joining American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. McGalla had principles and ethics. That explains why she became the president and chief merchandising officer of this firm. Before that, Susan got a promotion to become the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle brand flagship. Susan then left employment to become a private consultant. Currently, McGalla is a consulting expert.

Cassio Audi Is An Experienced Finance Professional

Cassio Audi is one person who always knew what his goal was in life. Hence he did his graduation in Business Administration. Then he did his MBA in finance. Now he has coupled this with 23 years of experience in various sectors of the finance industry. Such credentials have made Cassio Audi an enviable force in the finance sector.


He has worked in all kinds of enterprises. That would include start-ups, besides public enterprises as well as with private companies. He has worked with large multinational firms, besides private equity businesses, along with turn-around cases. Such kind of varied experience has made him an authority in the financial world today.


Cassio Audi understands this business really well. He is able to define as well as drive operations in a way that can foster any business. He is able to enhance productivity this way.


He advocates change as he is well aware that change will always be the only constant thing in business. For any business to survive as well as sustain itself, it is important to look around, see the change around and then adapt its processes accordingly.


He is known for his communication skills too. This is why he is a popular speaker. He has spoken on various topics that are related to finance. This way he is able to share his knowledge of finance with his audience.


Cassio Audi is also well-known for his interpersonal skills. This allows him to get along with his staff that can be at any level.


His career started in 1992 when he joined J P Morgan Chase. He was a trader with them. Since then he worked in a number of companies and did a variety of roles.


He has a simple working style. This allows him to motivate people. He believes in being able to implement his ideas.

WEN By Chaz: Luxurious No Lather Products For Luxurious Hair

Beauty blogger Emily McClure was used to a routine for her fine limp hair, but her results were nothing spectacular. Emily has hair that doesn’t behave, and she was frustrated with the situation.

That’s when the contributor to decided to go the WEN way for seven days and try the extraordinary no lather shampoo system. She took hair selfies and kept a hair log to chart her journey.

WEN Hair is very different from regular shampoos, because it’s made with zero parabens, sulfates and other ugly chemicals. That means there is zero lather, which is weird for first time users to experience. Instead, thick rich cleansing conditioners provide a smoothing and soothing experience where tangles never come about.

LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the WEN By Chaz hair care line to offer women around the world a healthy shampoo alternative. According to, some 40,000 bottles have been sold; need we say more?

WEN’s superior formulas contain hair fortifiers and shiners in wonderful blends of herbal and fruit-based extracts.

Emily McClure washed her hair in WEN’s Italian Mandarin Fig and was blown away by the volume and manageability she received. The shine was gorgeous, and her close friends instantly noticed Emily had new hair.

As long as Emily washed with the QVC endorsed brand each morning and blow-dried and curled her locks, the effect was pure Hollywood. If she veered off course and washed with WEN at night or skipped a wash, she awoke to a case of the greasiest.

Every head of hair is unique, and Emily just got better results using WEN in the mornings. She concluded that WEN By Chaz requires blow-drying and styling tools to create that head-turning mane.

Emily highly recommends WEN and hopes to return to the system when she has the time to pamper her hair.

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Education Paves The Way For Avi Weisfogel And Other Dental Professionals

Education is very important to the future of any up and coming senior. The decisions they will make is very important and can affect their future career decisions. The decision to become a dentist is one choice that requires a great deal of education. It also requires that the individual has and keeps good grades in high school. Colleges look at the overall grades and extra-curricular participation while a student attends high school. Dentist and other medical professionals hopefuls will attend classes that outline basic health issues. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a prominent dentist from New Jersey, began his career in this manner. He made the choice to study hard and graduate with the hopes of becoming the best dentist in the area.


Avi Weisfogel was born in 1972. After high school, Avi attended New York University. His Doctorate of Dental Science is allowing him to practice dentistry. HIs first office, the Old Bridge Dental office, was a stepping stone to many new and challenging career decisions. Avi made his name by working and owning part of the Dental Sleep Masters business and by giving educational lectures to other dental professionals. The information that Avi offers is specifically designed to assist other dental professionals in understanding diseases like sleep apnea.


Avi has other interests. He attends as many athletic events as he can. He has tickets to the NY Rangers, The Cleveland Browns, The Celtics and the Lakers. He also likes music such as hip hop. Avi Weisfogel is one of the several dental professionals that is participating in the Operation Smile Fundraiser and that rides on the van donating his time to help others. When Avi began his career he made a decision to do as much for humanity as he could. Helping others understand sleep apnea will help others to save lives. Sleep apnea is a silent killer of many. With education and an understanding of the disease, the hope of many professionals is that the disease will no longer be a mystery.

Donations are being accepted on the go fund me page for operation smile. These donations will help dentists continue to provide free dental work for people that are unable to pay for it.



The Role of Dr. Avi Weisfogel in the World of Sleep Medicine

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an American general dentist and a guru in the management of sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel owns and supervises the daily management affairs of Dental Sleep Masters, Old Bridge Dental Care, and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. He did psychology at the well-regarded Rutgers University and dentistry at the revered New York University College.

Dr. Weisfogel’s career journey

Dr. Avi Weisfogel began his successful medical career as a dentist at the Old Bridge Dental Care. In this facility, he provided services, such as cosmetic dental surgeries, dental implants, Invisalign. He also handled dental anxiety and sufferers. For over ten years, he strived to bring smiles into the lives of people. On three consecutive years, he was named one of the best dentists. In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel instituted Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, a company that he uses to hold seminars to teach his colleagues about sleep disorders. Among the topics he lectures on is how to serve sleep patients. He unveiled Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to support his interests in exploring the world of sleep apnea. He also uses this company to conduct research and expand his knowledge about this condition.

Dr. Weisfogel’s thoughts on sleep apnea

According to Dr. Weisfogel, obstructive sleep apnea can affect anyone at any particular time. However, the predisposing factors revolve around excess weight and age. Based on Dr. Weisfogel findings, sleep apnea is associated with positioning of fat deposits. In most people with excess weight, fat accumulates in the waist and neck region, which presses the airway. Men and women with a neck larger than 16 and 17 inches respectively also suffer from obstructive sleep apnea due to constriction of the airway. Additionally, other people susceptible to this condition include patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, men over 40, and individuals with a history of smoking. Dr. Weisfogel also adds that children with enlarged tonsils and are obese are also at risk and read full article.

Regional marketing has helped Dr. Weisfogel grow his businesses. He tries to run his company’s with ease so that he can reach out to more people. He has established sleep labs that assist sleep apnea patients. Dr. Weisfogel also advocates for the use of dental appliances to bring relief to these patients. He prefers to read the Power of Now, and he is inspired by Steve Jobs’ attention to detail and ingenuity.

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ClassDojo Bridges The Gap Between Parents And Teachers

Parent-teacher meetings have long been the one way parents get to know the happenings of their child at their schools. But for parents who want to know more about their children and the various things that they are doing in school, the once a semester meeting is not enough. Parents want to be involved more and more in their child’s life, especially when it comes to their children’s education. With new technology and an app like ClassDojo, parents are now more connected than ever with their children and the teachers who are imparting valuable knowledge to them. Check for additional article.

Through the app, parents don’t have to wait for that special day in the year to find out about their child’s progress. They are constantly updated about what is going on in school and how well their kids are doing in their academics. This has proven to be extremely useful in bridging the gap between parents and the school systems that their children are in.

But just looking at what their children are doing isn’t the main aim of the app. The app recently partnered with a program by Stanford University whereby the app gives parents a better understanding of growth and development. Often, parents believe that their child’s development is only associated with marks they get in the exams and how well their grades are. In reality, there are a lot more attributes that contribute to the overall development and growth of a child. ClassDojo helps parents understand the different aspects of growth in their child so as to understand better what they need and how they are progressing.

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The app isn’t only meant for the classroom – it is also intended to give parents a better understanding of what they need to talk about and implement at home for the benefit of their child. A Lot of times, children don’t speak up about the difficulties they are facing in class, and parents get to know about them only during the yearly meet with the teachers. Through the app, parents can monitor their child’s overall progress, giving them a better understanding of what their children deem as straightforward and challenging. This has helped parents become a larger part of their child’s overall development.  To read more about the App, click on

Currently, ClassDojo is being implemented in a significant number of schools all over America, with the number increasing rapidly every day. The company that has created this app strives to offer the parents and schools the best when it comes to its features and is heavily focused on providing its users with a good overall app experience.

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NuoDB-Working Hard to Improve Your Production

NuoDB is an SQL database management system that has been designed for distributed deployment in the cloud. NuoDB has the same characteristics of your average SQL databases but it also incorporates features for supporting scale-out processing in environments specifically made for cloud-computing. It’s possible for application programs to communicate with NuoDB through SQL statements and the database has ACID compliance for reliability. NuoDB utilizes a three-tier structure with storage, transactional, and administrative tiers. This tier system means that that NuoDB can work without close coupling and application and its data on a disk drive.

NuoDB was launched by Barry Morris, enterprise software executive, and Jim Starkey, database architect and innovator, in 2010. They had the vision to develop a database that builds on the power of SQL technology to break the traditional database mold that was originally designed over thirty years ago.

NuoDB is made up of a senior management team that includes former executives from seasoned organizations such as Endeca, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and StreamBase Systems.

Since NuoDB was founded, it has received its first patent in just 15 months and five other patents are currently pending.

NuoDB’s mission is to deliver better performance, reduce costs, and save more time.


Eric Lefkofsky Offers a New Service

With a history in marketing and creating businesses that are very successful, most people will recognize Eric Lefkofsky for the work that he did to get Groupon off the ground and to make it a successful company. That is not the only thing that he has done, though. He has worked with many different businesses to make them successful and to provide options to people who previously had no options when it came to the businesses that they had. He wanted to make sure that businesses were able to be successful and he did so during other things aside from Groupon.

After creating Groupon and becoming really successful as a result of the profits that he made from the company, Eric Lefkofsky was content to be able to just enjoy the time that he had to spend with his family. That didn’t last for very long, though. He soon discovered that his wife had breast cancer and that was something that upset him so much so that he wanted to be able to create a new company to help other families who were going through the same thing. That is where the idea for Tempus came up and he began working on it right away.

Eric found the best geneticist that he was able to find and hired him to help him with the Tempus medical aspect of things. He wanted to make sure that he was doing what he could and what the people were able to help with. Because of the way that he was doing things and the options that he had when it came to medical treatment, Eric Lefkofsky knew that Mark White was a great addition to the Tempus team and he quickly realized that he would be very valuable to get advice from and to be able to use for different purposes.

Now that the two have teamed up together and are working on new big things for cancer, they plan to grow Tempus. They aren’t going to stop where they are at with the work that they are doing and that will allow them to be able to be able to do more to fight cancer. for more .

How James Dondero Finds Success Where Others Have failed

James Dondero is the CEO and President of Highland Capital Management. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in Business majoring in Accounting and Finance. Dondero started his career as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty program at J.P Morgan. Dondero left the company to join American Express as a corporate bond analyst before he was promoted to Portfolio Manager. Dondero left American Express to join Protective Life where he grew its assets to $2 billion over the course of four years. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital with Mark Okada in 1993. He is the chairman of the boards of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.


James Dondero recently appeared in the cover story of Barron’s magazine. The article reviews his investment policy and how he has been able to succeed by being unconventional. Dondero has developed a reputation for investing in unlikely prospects such as American Airlines and a bankrupt energy company in Texas. Dondero said that the biggest contributor to his success is his ability to solve puzzles. He can spot emerging trends and think through complex deals. The firm offers investors the access to its best investment ideas that are curated by James Dondero. He does this through the Highland Global Allocation fund. It is worth more than eight hundred million dollars. The fund has gained nearly 30% over the past year. It is listed in the world allocation category by Morningstar.


The Highland Global fund has risen and fallen several times in the last couple of years due to its nature of investing. The firm was ranked at the bottom in 2015. This is because the fund made an early move in the energy sector. This grew exponentially last year. The improvement in energy stocks sent the fund to the top last year. The fund was one of the first investors in the sovereign debt of Argentina in 2014 after conducting a lot of research in the country. The move paid off because the economy of the country started to show signs of recovery a year later.


Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is a financial advisor dealing in the issuance of fast working capital during the onset of the harsh economic crisis. For the company, nothing thrills them more than becoming part of the solution to your needs in the fast working environment. As a matter of fact, nothing creates a better benefit that is entering the increased financial capability through securing fast working capital. During the harsh economic climate, credit-based loans are characterized by high-interest rates. However, the stock-based loans are always characterized by the low-interest rates. For this reason, they end up working for the greater benefit of the people who are in need of eh capital. As a matter of fact, we must develop the fast working capabilities in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.

Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the use of fast working capital during the onset of the harsh economic climate. For the lending institutions issuing fast working capital using credit, they have hardened their lending criteria. For this reason, few people end up leading a working capability. As a matter of fact, no one has a better business capacity in these criteria. Therefore, you can work to receive these funds using stocks as collateral and original source.

No one can deny that the country is not in a financial crisis. When you see commodity prices hiking, it is a clear indication that the economic crisis is on the losing end. For this reason, everyone works to get better business through the issuance of fast working capital. The company has also seen most of their intensified capital taken by clients in a manner that depicts the true leadership capabilities in this industry. For this reason, the company will always be chosen over every other business entity. Equities First Holdings has offices in all parts of the world.

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