Clay Seagall’s Legacy with the Fight Against Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics which was established in 1998. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, the President, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors for this organization.

Seattle Genetics have been very successful in building a diversified pipeline of antibody based treatments for cancer. These milestones are achieved by Seattle Genetics entering various strategic licenses for their ADC technology. This includes AbbVie, Genentech (Roche), Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. Through these licenses, over $325 million have been generated. And as a result, Seattle Genetics’ technology has been used in over 20 ADCs in clinical development across the different collaborator and internal program. Additionally, this company has also secured over $1.2 billion through various capital raising activities from private and public financings which also include the organization’s initial public offering in 2001. Through Dr. Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics are making great strides for the betterment of mankind and society.

Before co-founding this amazing organization, Dr. Siegall acquired a plethora of executive leadership and medical experiences. He worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute prior to cofounding Seattle Genetics. From 1991 to 1997, he worked for the National Cancer Institute, and from 1988 to 1991, he worked for the National Institutes of Health. He also serves on different boards of directors, including Mirna Therapeutics, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable, and Alder BioPharmaceuticals.

And of course, Dr. Siegall’s medical experience began with his education. He has earned a Ph.D in Genetics from the George Washington University. He has also received a BS degree from the University of Maryland in Zoology.

And his accolades don’t stop there. In addition to acquiring various worthwhile accolades over the years, he has received a plethora of awards. One of his most deserved awards include the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Another award he achieved is the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. And lastly, he has published over 70 publications, and he holds 15 patents.

Steps To Finding An Excellent Business Litigation Attorney

Are you in need of a renowned business lawyer in Brazil? Searching for a competent lawyer to handle business dispute or breach of contract or other legal matter for you? If you find yourself in a legal battle with another individual or business, you should have a trusted lawyer by your side.

A really good attorney strives to obtain the best possible outcomes for his or her clients. A competent lawyer will not pressure you to settle for less in order to avoid going to trial. Look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho when it comes to deciding on a reputable business litigation lawyer.

There are numerous steps involved in choosing a good lawyer for your legal matter. You can start your research online using sites that have lawyers’ lists, as well as Associations and agencies that monitor lawyers and other legal practitioners. You can also contact friends, relatives or other business people, to find out if they know a good lawyer in Brazil.

Once you have obtained a few names and contact details, it’s time to do your home work in order to make a good choice. Ensure that you find out about the attorney’s credentials, experience and track record. These will enable you to make an informed decision. Observe the lawyer’s personality, fees, and any references you checked.

One of the most recognized litigation lawyers in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. Rocardo Tosto has successfully represented multinational companies, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, politicians and other high-profile individuals and the government sector in the court of law. Mr Ricardo Tosto takes the time to research his clients’ situation and works closely with them to ensure a great outcome in their case.

Ricard Tosto has been in practice for many years and comes highly recommended in th legal community. He has a reputation around the world due to his outstanding performance. Both his clients and peers praise him for his unique and powerful litigation style and strategies, as well as his caring attitude. He is professional, and returns calls to his clients.

Talk Fusion: It Has Something For Everyone

The world is in a very interesting place right now in terms of technology. It is allowing people to do things they probably never thought they could do possibly ever. Tech is allowing people to ditch the 9-5 job, ditch the suit, and ditch the ordinary life. They are looking for a life that is suited for them. No one knows them better than themselves and they know what they are looking for and what is going to make them happy. Happiness is something that should not be taken for granted. When someone is happy, that is infectious and people feed off that.


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have always prided themselves on making people happy with their product. They have gone to great lengths to make sure that happens. Bob Reina has hired the best IT team he could possibly find and they know all of the latest advances in tech. They keep their pulse on it and they make sure Talk Fusion is running at high level all the time. They never want customers to feel like they are getting cheated out of something. In fact, that is the last thing they want. That is why they have upgraded Talk Fusion’s video chat.


Video chat is a feature that a lot of people use and they use it because it allows people to chat with one another, bounce ideas off each other, and come up with ways to make the business even better. Now, according to this link,, they can have group chats with the video chat. They have also improved the overall look of the video chat to make sure it has great picture quality and there are no glitches whatsoever.


Talk Fusion is growing and they are keeping up with their growth. They want to make sure they have customers that are getting the most out of it. If someone has never tried it before, they are offering 30-day free trials for customers so they can see what it offers such as video newsletters, video conferences, and video emails to name a few. One can only imagine what is next for Talk Fusion.

Organo Gold Will Make You Feel Great From Inside and Out

It all began with Bernardo Chua, the founder or Organo Gold. Because of his roots in the Philippines and his rich Chinese heritage, he has gained a vast amount of knowledge on ganpderma. Also known as polypore mushrooms, there are as many as 80 species and they have many beneficial powers.

Bernardo Chua is one of the first to market the herb globally and his vision was to create a company that would spread its benefits to the Western world.

Oregano Gold is based in Canada, has over one million distributers all over the world and is currently the 55th largest direct sales company globally, operates in over 50 countries and continues to grow.

Specializing in gourmet coffees, hot chocolate, teas, brewing cups, body management products and even personal care products, all of the herbs used for manufacturing Oregano Gold’s products are vigorously tested before making it to distribution.

They are available exclusively through Oregano independent Distributers and can be ordered on their website. Shipping options and discounted sales are also available through he website. There are many business opportunities available with Oregano Gold should you choose to join the team.

The Oregano family has a strong loyalty to each other and as a united team, are making a positive impact on the world to promote well-being, honesty and opportunities to create a better life.

Education is very important to Bernardo Chua and he has invested a lot of his time teaching people about the miracles of herbs. Bernardo Chua has strong ties to The Napoleon Hill Foundation and is affiliated with the Think and Grow Rich book which has helped millions of people become successful in business and financially independent.

Oregano Gold is not just another business but is making a difference and a strong impact on the world. Organo Gold is a corporate sponsor of the non-profit OG Cares Foundation which is known for supporting youth by giving them opportunities to become contributing and respected members of society. You can even request a sample from an OG Distributer to see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

Motivation and Accountability

In an interesting turn of events, one time free to use classroom aid, ClassDojo, is rumored to become pay to use. The creators of the social platform, Liam Don and Sam Chaudharry, have taken note how popular their invention has become and are now interested in looking at gaining some capital from its widespread use. This is a curious endeavor as the class specific rewards system has always been free, although if the program does become subscription based the founders claim that more features will become available to those that still wish to use it during class time.


The program they created, ClassDojo, acts in much the same way as popular social network platforms like Facebook or Myspace. The application is classroom specific, meaning that the only individuals who can see progress is other classmates, the teacher who first sets the classroom up online, and anyone who the teacher shares the virtual environment with. The program can then be used as a means to share video, audio and images with students, as well as assignments and grade progress.


Another interesting feature to ClassDojo, which outshines all others and makes the program standout, is its robust rewards system. The teacher has the ability to increase students point totals; giving them additional points when they do something well or when they behave, and deducting point when they do the opposite. Parents who can download the Class Dojo application to their mobile device and can keep track of how their child is doing in class in real time, meaning that if their child misbehaves and receives a disciplinary action for something they did in class they can see the deduction in points and can ask their child about it later after school has ended for the day.


ClassDojo is a strong merit program that influences student progress and helps them be accountable for their own actions. It creates a fun environment for students to learn in and the point system helps them keep track of not only their own progress, but allows them to stay focused and not misbehave knowing that their parents have the ability to directly keep track of their actions. This is a must have for any elementary school environment.


Find out more about ClassDojo:

Prisoners Should Like The New Innovation By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has once again come up with cutting edge software for law enforcement. The Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search allows law enforcement to analyze voice data from phone calls coming in and out of prisons. When law enforcement identifies a particular suspect, they can feed his voice through the voice detection software. Once the voices recognized by this cutting-edge software, and the entire database of recorded phone calls can be searched for that particular vocal signature.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that secures government contracts to provide telephone services to prison and jail facilities. Once the contract is secured, the company begins to record every single phone call.


This may seem like alarming news if you are a prisoner or the loved one of an inmate. It may feel uncomfortable to have every single phone call you ever make recorded. But the software makes posterity possible when it comes to law enforcement investigations. Not only can law enforcement use the software to predict and prevent crime, it can be used by prisoners and inmates to prove innocence.


Since the voice detection software can analyze voices on incoming calls, law enforcement can keep tabs on people outside of the prison as well. If a criminal investigation is underway, voices on the outside of the prison are also fed through the software. It can tell law enforcement just which prisoners are communicating with each other and which people of interest on the outside of the prison are communicating with prisoners. With software this accurate, a suspect can prove his or her innocence by allowing law enforcement to search the database for their voice.


Dallas Becomes a Better Habitat for Humanity With New Funding Source

Dallas, Texas is one of the most popular cities in the world, but it can be a bit expensive to live in. Since the 1960s, the Dallas home ownership rates have been falling. Now, Habitat for Humanity has gained a new funding source, which can help it create a better Habitat for Humanity in Dallas.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

“Are Dallas Homes Expensive?”

Between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015, Dallas Fort Worth gained 144,704 people, making it the second-most popular city destination in Texas. With a growing population, the housing stock should be increased. Unfortunately, Dallas has struggled to maintain or increase its affordable housing.

Increasing home ownership rates are a sign of wealth creation. Unfortunately, Dallas has seen its home ownership rates continue to fall from a high of about 59% in 1960 to about 56.3% in 2015. In fact, some experts quote a home ownership rate of 43% when the suburbs and Fort Worth are not included.

“Building Affordable Single Family Homes”

The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity has sought to rectify the dearth of affordable single family homes, by building an average of 50 homes each year. But, of course, that is still not enough. NexBank has offered to help Habitat for Humanity to increase that number.

NexBank has offered up to $2,000 in closing costs per loan to help low income families get into a Dallas Habitat for Humanity home. Hopefully, NexBank and Habitat for Humanity can reverse the Dallas home ownership trends to help single families find affordable housing.

Jose Borghi Is One Of Brazil’s Most Influential Advertisers

After Jose Borghi’s sister took him to Castro Neves theater where Cannes award winning television commercials were shown, he knew by his third year in high school that advertising would be where he would spend his career. Jose Borghi never dreamed his life long career would have him become one of the most influential advertising persons in the industry and eventually earn him one of advertising most prestigious awards, the Lions Canne. One of his most memorable advertising campaigns was the Mammals Parmalat on Where children sang unforgettable jingles about love and dressed as stuffed animals.

In 1989, Borghi graduated from PUC Campinas with an advertising degree. In the same year, Jose Borghi obtained a job as a copy writer with Standart Ogilvy. Borghi eventually went on to work for other well-known advertising agencies such as Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB), Leo Burnett and Foote, Cone & Belding (FBC). Since the very beginning of his career, he worked on major client accounts such as Fiat, Unilever, Delta Airlines, Coral Paints, Electrolux, Bunge Group, Procter, Leaf Group, Antarctica, America Online (AOL), BankBoston, Asia Motors, and American Express.

“We had no investor, no banks, no godfather. We came from absolute zero. And so we worked hard. We were media planning, creation, service and copy,” said Erh Ray.

In December 2006, due to Borgi Erh early success, and a division between partners Borgi and Erh, Lowe purchased the ad agency to become Borghi Lowe. With the acquisition, Borghi Lowe expanded into international and domestic markets on Shortly thereafter another merger and acquisition took place. Lowe & Partners and Mullen Group merged with Borghi Lowe to create Mullen Lowe of Brazil where Jose Borghi became co-CEO. AndrŽ Gomes is his co-CEO counterpart.

The Brazilian advertising mogul, born in Presidente Prudente, acknowledges that he knew he was solely responsible for his success, “I realized very early that nobody was going to give me anything, that nothing would come of grace, not by luck or fate. ”

In 2009, his agency was awarded “Advertiser of the Year.” Some of the other most notable awards Jose Borghi won are: 7 awards at the London Festival, 14 Lions Canne awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 10 One Show awards, and 10 Clio awards.

The Relevance of Investment Banking

investment banking entails raising capital on behalf of high-net-worth individuals, firms, government institutions and other notable agencies. The banks can assist companies to raise funds through multiple avenues, but the most popular tactic is open trading for firms that are registered in the stock exchanges. The company in need of funds will allow the bank to market and sell its shares.

Arrange financing

If a large company is planning to issue bonds to fund its project, it may need assistance from an investment-banking firm. The bank will orchestrate the bond issuance, price it, and collaborate with the issuer to handle the SEC documentation required to issue the bonds, and eventually oversee the selling process. Investment banks play a crucial role when it comes to planning equity financing. They will offer a detailed explanation of the terms of the offering, risks associated with it, ensure the SEC requirements are met, and assist with pricing the offering.

Today, a career in investment banking attracts a lot of prestige and respect. However, ascending from an entry-level position to the top leadership position requires personal discipline and hard work. Financial analyst must leverage their experience, academic knowledge, and their creativity to come with unique solutions to the problems that their clients may have. Observational skills, research abilities, and analytical skills are virtues required for building a successful career in investment banking.

Facts about Martin Lustgarten

Even as a child, he had a knack for entrepreneurship. Upon completing his higher studies, Martin ventured into investment banking and founded a firm known as Lustgarten, Martin. A few years after inception, the company increased its presence beyond Florida. As the President and CEO of the firm, Martin Lustgarten is responsible for its investment plans and growth strategies.

Martin has transformed Lustgarten, Martin into an award winning and one of the fastest growing investment banking firms in the world. He focuses on offering excellent investment advice, equity trades, and exchange of securities. The success of Lustgarten, Martin firm is a reflection of his determination, personal drive, and desire to learn and research

Fighting Cancer Using Innovative Treatments

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that creates and commercializes cutting-edge, empowered antibody-based therapies for treating cancer and other chronic illnesses. The effort to improvise cancer treatment is due to the increased late effects experienced by cancer survivors. The effects range from mild to severe. Other effects such as anemia improve or fade with time while some may be permanent like certain types of nerve damage. In many cases, medical experts cannot always procrastinate if the effects will occur.

Conventional cancer treatments are known for having late effects some cancer patients. Seattle Genetics is the market leader in antibody conjugates (ADCs) and strives to develop advanced cancer treatments. An antibody conjugate is a technology designed to control the targeting capability of monoclonal antibodies to produce cell-killing components. ADCs are aimed at sparing non-targeted cells hence minimizing most toxic effects of traditional chemotherapy, while possibly improving antitumor activity. In addition to the ADCs, the company is coming up with a large product offering to address unmet medical conditions.

Seattle Genetics was established in 1998 and has its corporate headquarters in Bothell, Washington. For almost 20 years, Seattle Genetics has developed designed monoclonal antibodies. The treatment has provided therapeutic benefit to cancer patients, people with autoimmune diseases and other chronic medical conditions. The antibody-based therapies have advanced cancer treatment by targeting malignant cells and preventing damage to normal tissues.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the president, co-founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics. He is a scientist by profession and has built Seattle Genetics on a foundation of thorough research, scientific advancement, and drug development practices. Dr. Siegall focuses on targeted cancer therapies due to his passion for helping clients.

Under Dr. Siegall‘s leadership, Seattle Genetics has attained its current leadership position in creating antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and the 2011 FDA approval of ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin), the company’s first ADC product. He has also spearheaded the company’s capital-raising initiatives, raising more than $675 million through private and public financing.

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