The Gold Stevie Awards for Excellence in Product Innovation are presented annually by the International Business Awards® (IBAs) to recognize innovative products, services and businesses with great potential. There were hundreds of entries this year from many countries across many industries in the countries that were eligible to participate. The Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each category are decided through a judging process of committees of experienced professionals. It involves evaluating each nominated entry, and then selecting a winning product, service, company and person.

The Gold Award for Best Fintech Solution is awarded to the Fintech solution that has the greatest potential to revolutionize the financial services industry. The winning project will be considered for Gold status in the category of Fintech Solution.

The CliK platform by Online Trading Academy is a trading education platform designed for traders who want to learn the ins and outs of trading through easy and intuitive training and analysis, and step up to the pro-level of trade skill and trading proficiency with the use of advanced tools and learning resources.

“We’re incredibly proud to have received these awards that give us an incredible opportunity to share the CliK platform with the world,” said Paul Boichofski, CEO of Online Trading Academy. “The CliK platform was designed to be simple and user-friendly, so anyone can start trading their first trade within minutes without investing hundreds of dollars in tuition fees and lose money the first time out. This award gives us the opportunity to share CliK’s innovative platform with the world and educate traders as well as financial services professionals who are looking for a modern way to learn the basics of trading,” Boichofski added.

The Gold Award for Best Achievement in Product Innovation was awarded to OTA for CliK. CliK was developed by Online Trading Academy based on their original idea. OTA then trained a team of talented software engineers to create a modern and updated trading platform, featuring real-time analytics, real-time data updates and the ability to track a user’s full position as well as financial tools and educational resources.

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