Many people aspire to become entrepreneurs. Some manage to achieve their goals. If you aspire to become an entrepreneur, you should first ask yourself whether you have what it takes. Investors such as Stephen Bittel can acknowledge that his entrepreneurial journey wasn’t as smooth as he expected; however, he managed to overcome all the challenges that came his way, which is why Terranova Corp has stuck around for more than four decades.

As a real estate investor based in Miami, Stephen Bittel has managed to prosper in his endeavors since he hails from the region. He has put the knowledge he has about his home town to good use.

One major point to note is that intuition always comes in handy if you’re an entrepreneur. For Stephen Bittel, he saw it fit to focus on the younger generations since they had begun to notice the importance of an urban lifestyle. The younger generation would end up purchasing commercial and residential properties in upcoming urban centers, including Miami. Thanks to his instincts, Terranova Corp amassed significant profit margins while selling property to the younger generation.

Although investors should be in a position to look into forthcoming issues, no one could have imagined there would be a pandemic that would bring a halt to our usual way of life globally. People are currently maintaining social distance from one another. Numerous businesses are also having a hard time staying afloat amid the recent pandemic.

About Stephen Bittel

Stephen Bittel aspired to become a lawyer. He drew inspiration from his father, who was a prominent lawyer. For his higher education, Bittel enrolled for an undergraduate degree in economics. He then enrolled for a law degree later on. Instead of completing his studies, Stephen Bittel saw it fit to seize the opportunity he had to venture into the real estate sector during his first year as a law student.

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