Josh Verne Discusses His Formula For Success On Podcast

Josh Verne currently serves as the chief executive officer of online portal FlockU. It is an online website that is dedicated to news, tips and to being a supportive community for college students. The portal’s content is created by fellow students for other fellow students. The founder of FlockU, Josh Verne, believes that the best people to give out advice and provide tips to college students is other students who are in the same shoes as they are.


Adults like Josh Verne simply edit the content and are responsible for the maintenance of the website’s technical operations. The business side of FlockU involves a carefully crafted targeted marketing campaign from companies that have products or services designed for the college student market.


Before starting FlockU, Josh Verne also served as the president and chief executive officer of Works Pays Me, another online based company. Works Pays Me was a company that let people who receive paychecks secure credit for major purchases. Monthly payments would then be deducted directly from each paycheck as a guarantee for the creditor. Mr. Verne eventually sold Work Pays Me to major technology company, Global Analytics in 2015.


Josh Verne was a featured guest on the Knowledge For Men’s Entrepreneurial podcast. During the podcast show, Josh Verne was interviewed by the host on successes and failures in business. During the interview Josh shared some wise tips to his fellow entrepreneurs and those looking to start out.


In business, Josh Verne tells all business owners and managers to start thinking about creating win-win situations at all times. Josh Verne reasons that when you start thinking about only creating a win-win situation for all parties, you will have to take the best course and not just the easiest one for your business. Creating win-win situations will boost business sales, reputation and customer satisfaction. It has been instrumental to his success.

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