Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of company. Since 2004, he has been serving within the company as its chief executive officer, chairman, and president. He has used the following positions to boost the firm’s operations and help it become an international firm. Richard grew up in Chang’an village, a small village with little resources and which poverty was a norm. Electricity and water were a problem in the village this implied that even accessing quality education would be a problem. When Richard was born, his parents only depended on rice farming to bring food to table. Whenever his parents were out engaging in farming activities, Richard would be given the duty to take care of the aged grandma who hardly had the energy to carry out any house chores.

The responsibilities Liu Qiangdong was given when still young contributed significantly to his success as a businessman. He learnt several virtues, responsibilities, and what it takes for one to be successful in career endeavors. Though Richard came from a humble background, he never allowed his background to stop him from achieving his dreams and goals. He would go an extra mile and look for the little resources available to make both ends meet. He would at times engage in hustles and from what he earned he would buy pork and ensure everyone in his village gets a share.

He was optimistic that education would hallmark his success hence worked smart to join Renmin University to pursue his career goals. He pursued sociology and computer programing which hallmarked his success. During his free time, he would draft copies of letters and business letters that would help make his life at campus comfortable.

The dedication, hard work, and commitment Richard had contributed to his establishment of firm which is among the top-rated e-commerce firms. Though the business encountered a number of challenges including the SARS epidemic, he managed to help the firm grow.

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