When Jaden Garza was developing Nomad Internet, he was the first to recognize that the internet in RV parks was, at best subpar.

Jaden observed that most individuals had adopted the nomadic existence of comprehensive RV homes, whereas telecommuting was difficult because the high-speed connection is practically impossible to get on campsites.

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He started by selling stable high-speed connectivity to remote RV parks.

After COVID-19’s initial few months of closures, many employees found they could work remotely.

This helped the business swiftly expand from serving a few RV parks with internet service to nomadic RV homes desiring their private up to infinite fast internet access.

Jaden created goods and services centered on a mobile network.

The park, located in Seguin, Texas, had decent rural internet access. Garza sought to create a new LTE-based solution after discovering there was no better option to enhance access to the parks using conventional methods.

Jaden partnered with BaiCells Innovation to build and secure a licensed LTE technological package.

The Girl Scouts of America employed this technology for the first time in a park they owned in San Jacinto.

Jaden Garza thought about steering Nomad Web in a little different route because the BaiCells Software application from Nomad Internet was significantly less expensive and offered excellent site service.

Relying on its offer of no commitment, no credit assessment, a 7-day no-risk assurance, and up to limitless connectivity for all mobile networks, the business keeps expanding.

The business also has a referral program through which customers may earn up to five free months of service by referring others to the business.

The firm offers routers that may be upgraded using a variety of accessible antenna choices.

The firm serves a wider range of consumers than just digital nomads.

Rural internet flocked to the company’s offers.

The firm has made it much simpler for rural consumers and RV travelers to enjoy the advantages of a fast worldwide web while still being capable of traveling in their free time.

While slow rural connection speeds used to be a barrier to the digital nomad, that issue has been resolved.

Learn more about Jaden: https://medium.com/@jadengarza-nomadinternet