Jack MasonUnder Jack Mason, Inc & Co has expanded rapidly. Before the first week of June, the shop could take on no more than 20 employees and could have around two clients on average, he said. By late September, that number had grown to more than 100 employees, and four clients.

The shop is moving into a newly constructed 35,000-square-foot building, a two-story brick building at 4999 Crossgate Drive in the McKinney Commons shopping center. Plans for the expansion began several years ago.

“I started this four years ago because I saw what was going on downtown with the first Starbucks and something of that nature,” Jack Mason said. “We looked at that and decided that’s where we would expand.”

While Starbucks will provide more than 30 jobs for that facility, Mason said he and his company have built more than 300 jobs since 2013.

Inc & Co added 20 jobs and expanded into a 12,000-square-foot building at 237 North Main Street near the Dallas Farmers Market in early 2015. In September, the company opened its sixth and largest office — a 32,000-square-foot building that the firm has been using since 2013, though it’s expected to be the headquarters for the company — in the Southland Corporate Center at 301 E. State St. near Austin Avenue in downtown Dallas.

In June, Inc & Co opened a second facility on Kent Avenue in the Cedars. With the third location, the company is looking to hire more than 40 people.

Jack Mason

“When we started this, we would take on between 20 and 30 employees a month,”Jack Mason said. “We’re in a comfortable place with 300 employees and we’re expanding to more jobs. That’s a pretty good picture of what we’re looking for.” In addition to finding new employees, Inc & Co plans to hire people to run its flagship location. Mason said the company will hire event managers and managers of high-end weddings and events.

“That’s what we’re looking for,” Mason said. “It’s definitely what we want to focus on because we want to create jobs. That’s a start for us.” He also stated that his company’s growth has been fueled by its internal efforts. The company has a goal to maintain a unique culture and help it grow.