Brandon Taubman applies strategic methodological tactics to be successful in Data Analytics. Brandon has outstanding leadership skills acquired in more than 15 years. He is in sports management, real estate, and investment banking. He was fascinated with data from a young age when Taubman developed an interest in equations formulas that resulted in wise decision making and schoolwork. He graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics and Management.

The application of numeric economic theories and the utilization of data models to decision-making fascinated Brandon Taubman. He decided to balance the data speculation and decision making, unlike the usual ways of equating reactive accounting to professional services. Taubman joined the valuing complex in Wall Street, where he applied his skills in some firms like Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital. The roles required him to employ predictive analytics and modeling skills to cater to some variables in portfolio management. In the process, Brandon Taubman succeeded in mitigating investment risks after considering the forces in the changing economy. Follow Brandon Taubman’s Twitter to see more updates.

With outstanding and evident success in applied analytics in the sports management and financial sectors, Taubman decided to join Commercial Real Estate and make an impact. He became the Chief Information Officer at Stablewood Properties to bring a change to the industry. The Houston-based company is well known for integrating advanced analytics and real estate expertise. As an experienced data analyst, Taubman ensures the clients get the best security within the shortest time possible as demanded by CREs.

With vast knowledge in risk mitigation, data analytics, and making data-based decisions, Brandon Taubman applied the statistical analytical approach in maintaining the firm-wide technology propelling the company’s success to greater levels. Stablewood is different from other Commercial Real Estate companies. Taubman tactically applied his unique approaches in investment decisions by utilizing digital resources. More about Brandon Taubman here: