Gordonstoun is one of the most prominent public schools in the United Kingdom partly because it has been home to some of the royal family members.

Apart from being the home to the Royals, most people do not know the founder of this leading global educational institute Dr. Kurt Hahn, as the driving force and the brain behind one of the most transformative and progressive awards known as the Duke of Edinburgh award.

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This award was designed to assist children and young people with a rare opportunity to taste what Gordonstoun offers.

The prize does not discriminate if one does not come from the United Kingdom, as it serves students from over 150 countries globally.

The Duke of Edinburg award got designed with the collaboration between the former student of this prestigious school, Prince Phillip.

Hahn is widely known for his contribution to the education sector.

He gets referred to as one of the best educational thinkers and strategists in matters of education.

However, the contribution of Hahn when it comes to the development and design of the Duke of Edinburgh award be get underestimated.

Still, by going back to his life, one will have a better understanding of his contribution.

Hahn is one of the few educational experts committed to observing high levels of morality and integrity in their work.

Surprisingly, most people do not know that Hahn was born and raised in Germany by a Jewish family in Berlin.

He would later attend two of the leading universities in Germany, Heidelberg and the University of Gottingen.

Hahn would later join another leading global institution, the University of Oxford, where his passion for arts, particularly pedagogical philosophies, and public education, would get aroused.

As a result, Hahn came face to face with the British public education system and would later draw his inspiration of founding Gordonstoun from this institution.

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