During the last two years, the world has started to notice humanitarian and political catastrophes. Georgette Mulheir, a worldwide child rights specialist and international development, works unwaveringly to alert the world to the situation in Haiti. The global leader and activist, a spokeswoman for a new worldwide movement to protect democracy, urges world leaders to take quick action for Haiti. Georgette Mulheir believes that Haiti’s present crisis endangering democracy hurts everyone, including children. The political turmoil and the 2010 earthquake that ravaged the nation have led to an increase in child trafficking, according to Georgette Mulheir. 


False orphanages were -opened throughout the country, compelling parents to give up their children. The so called fake orphanages then gathered money from well-intentioned churches in the United States while the children were -harmed. Defend Haiti’s Democracy claims the present administration blinds the eyes to abuses of human rights. Georgette Mulheir started working in Haiti due to major socio economic problems, combined with a justified assumption that Haitians had intervened in a foreign language. 


It was requested to assist them in developing a program for underprivileged children and families by the Director of the Government’s child-protection division. Due to the present Haiti crisis, the worldwide defense campaign calling on the international community to help ordinary Haitians has been started by Georgette Mulheir and other human rights experts in Haiti and throughout the world. Georgette Mulheir and her Defense of Haiti’s Democracy partners believe world leaders will listen. They believe that, until peace and democracy are -restored, the institutions and services necessary to protect Haiti’s most vulnerable children and families cannot be -developed.


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