A recent survey of marketing executives found that the global economic crisis and the subsequent pandemic have had a significant impact on their levels of confidence. The global economic crisis not only affected consumer confidence but also affected executive’s confidence. It is found that most companies are delaying any big investments since 2020 as they wait to see how the situation unfolds. It is expected from the survey that in 2021, many companies will be ready to take risks again.

Some of the top marketing trends that emerged in 2020 and into 2021 are a result of the pandemic. For example, data collection has become increasingly critical for brands as they try to understand their customers’ needs better. This is also an opportunity for new players to enter the market because many old competitors have been eliminated by the pandemic.

Eduardo Sonoda learned this firsthand when he saw his account lose 50% of its following due to influencer marketing pandemic. He shares his lessons learned in the growing trend that affects executives worldwide. In 2021, marketing trends will change drastically. With the growth of technology and the ever-changing landscape of consumer habits, companies need to be proactive in order to stay ahead of the curve. Eduardo: We have been keeping a close eye on these developments and have compiled insights on what top marketing trends.

There are a number of changes that marketers should be aware of in order to stay successful. One trend is the expectation for brands to have a voice. Brands must focus on building trust with consumers by being authentic and transparent. Consumers also want to know what a brand stands for and what its values are, so it’s important to be consistent with your message. Another trend is the need for creativity. The use of Artificial Intelligence has been able to create content that looks very human-like, so it’s important that marketers don’t just rely on automation alone but also use creativity. Follow Eduardo Sonoda on Twitter to know more.