droppTV is offering new insights into shopatainment, the new investment paradigm. In about 100 years, the world has experienced rapid video evolution. It all began with silent films followed by theaters, to the sitcoms (White and Black) on TVS found in all the American homes to current day streaming and the mobility enhanced by tablets and smartphones. With technological evolution, video’s importance has gained momentum such that it suits everyday lives.

In the present times, video content is preferred by consumers and even savvy brands are realizing that executing video into the marketing approaches is a unique way of drawing the expected attention, more so when dealing with Generation Z and millennials. Video marketing is becoming more common in people’s daily lives; thus, customers are more cognizant of the predisposition to interfere with a viewing encounter.

Once the initial sitcoms aired on TVs as well as commercial breaks between them, society is now more used to advertisements and amusement. It has been more than half a century since this sitcom aired, we will still stick to the idea that marketing should disrupt amusement affairs be it through ad breaks or even pop-ups. Streaming video capacities have advanced in the past century, but its association with marketing has become quite static.

Gurp Rai is the CEO and founder of droppTV who after investing a lot of time online finding the best red jacket, he spotted it in Drake’s exquisite music video to emerge empty-handed. Gurp Rai noticed that there existed a great gap in the merchandise for the capacity to buy content in a video.

The emergence of Instagram ensured that products could be tagged in photos, and no platform enhanced marketing on videos. After intensive research, Rai discovered that it was an agenda tried several times, but no one had tried it using shopatainment. Developing a seamless encounter where shopping and consuming content could coincide without detractions.

At droppTV, Gurp and his dedicated crew are focused on uniting commerce, amusement, and streaming under an umbrella. The company is applying AI and ML to blur the bar between entertainment and shopping by facilitating directly in any streaming content, easing the product purchasing process.

This enables the users to tap and choose the right item to acquire. Many transactions are happening in the content filmic flow, and the customers can relish a marketplace as well as a user journey. The creators will enjoy an upgraded monetization design.