Dick DeVos and the Family Finally Release their Tax Returns Reports

The mainstream media can’t stop obsessing about Dick and Betsy DeVos. Every time you turn on the news, you’ll find a story about the power couple. As you would expect, not all that is talked about them is positive. There have been allegations that this family has been using their wealth and influence to perpetuate their personal agendas. The truth of the matter, however, is that the Devoses have done an amazing job at trying to undo the flaws that are prevalent in two main sectors: Philanthropy and politics. Did you know that in their lifetime, the two individuals have donated sums fast approaching the $140M mark? If you think that’s a massive figure to give to charity, wait till you learn of the amount the larger DeVos clan has given out. Accurate estimates place that figure at $1.33bB!


Education Reform Agenda


If you look closely at the recent revelations made by the family of their charity donations, you’ll realize that education ranks high on their priority list. In 2015, the donations which went directly into the educational portfolio was $3 million. In total, Dick and the wife devoted nearly 30% of the entire charity kitty towards overhauling a dysfunctional education system. According to Dick, the American learning system went off track and instead of bringing the kids closer to attaining the American Dream it ends up putting them at a disadvantage as compared to their peers in other areas of the world.


Reviving the American Dream


The solution suggested by the Dick anchors on using government funding to boost the prospects of children attending private and chartered schools in the nation. Their remedy doesn’t auger well with the naysayers and the critics who argue that diverting public funds to private schools is a total waste of resources. Dick is in full support of the great tutors in the nation for all the excellent job they’ve continued doing. However, it’s his thinking that, with the right resources and guidance, these teachers can do an ever greater job at sharpening the youth.


Benefactors of their Benevolence


The detailed tax returns report about how they spent those millions showed the following institutions to be the primary benefactors of the benevolence of the DeVoses. These are the Ferris State University in Michigan, Detroit Charter School Company Urban Learning Center, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Potter’s House Private School and the Rehoboth Christian School. In 2012, Dick and Betsy founded the first ever private aviation school in the nation. It’s called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Asides, education, the DeVoses are also keen on investing and promoting local artists and culture. The Arts and Culture docket of their portfolio received the second highest amount in 2015. It received $2.4M, the equivalent of 21% of the donated amount.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is the husband to the 11th Secretary of Education in the US. He is the heir to the Amway Corporation fortune estimated to range in the billions. Dick once attempted to vie for the governor post in his home state, Michigan but unfortunately, he was bested by a Democrat. Dick is very passionate about empowering the youth to get a quality education.


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