The DSI Global is a technology company located in the Kansas City (United States). The firm is specialized in developing technology solutions for businesses that are looking for a growing route. It has partnered with numerous companies and organizations worldwide, including Lipper International, which has its roots in the United States.

Lipper International is a prominent company that supplies kitchen and office products. The company partnered with Data System International back in 2017 when it acquired the Cloud Inventory, which is an inventory management software. The software enhances inventory visibility and helps the company in making prudent development decisions.

The technology company has begun the process of updating the Cloud Inventory to incorporate more features that give its users more freedom about its functioning. Following the quality of the services of the software, many companies that had acquired the process are undergoing the updating process, which is said to take the shortest time possible.

Lipper has been in the industry for more than a decade, being led by a woman. The company was established as a family business that is currently operating on different heights. Currently, the company works with big online sites such as Amazon. The company president wanted to transform inventory management from the paperwork, which was tedious and time-consuming, to a more modernized platform. Go to this page for additional information.

Similar to the Field Inventory, the software gives accurate time information whether the user is offline or online. Through delivering precise information, the user can make sensible decisions that contribute to the development of the business. As the Data System International continues with upgrading the software, many companies are adopting it due to the quality of its work.

The Field Inventory works in a manner that the warehouse have no walls. This is due to the fact that you can observe everything, whether inside or outside the warehouse. The Cloud Inventory and the Field Inventory Management works with a similar motive of ensuring transparency.


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