ClearObject is one of the leading IT companies. The company recently came with Vision AI capabilities for a wide range of applications. Since partnering with AES in 2018 to effectively inspect their wind turbines, the company has been able to leverage Google Cloud Vision AI technology to help clients across varied industries. An increase in videos and image data collected has been posing a challenge to most businesses. Most don’t know what to do with the enormous spatial awareness, monitoring, and inspection data that is currently at their disposal. However, with Vision AI, businesses can make use of machine learning to augment and replace manual inspection and monitoring of videos and images. Not only will this technology provide accurate data, but it will also ensure consistency and omit interpretations and subjectivity from the inspections and analysis.

Based in Indianapolis, ClearObject has been focused on coming up with solutions to help their locality. It is for this reason that the company has partnered with the Indiana Transport Department to boost snow management through Vision AI. According to Noel Hopkins, the Head of Customer Success for ClearObject recently stated that most states have in place snow management programs. However, effectively clearing roads and treating them still remains a challenge, especially due to the varying duration and intensity of the snow season. He further stated most authorities end spend up to $50 million in snow management programs.

The company has partnered with the Transport team at INDOT to launch the Vision AI-Powered solution to help with snow management. This program utilizes the existing camera feed from several snow plow dash cams and static highway cameras to determine the level of snow coverage and coming up with an analysis report for the central snow management personnel.

Through the implementation of this technology, ClearObject has effectively helped the state authorities save on snow management programs while optimizing snow removal to provide safe driving conditions.

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