ObjectiO vision intelligence platform is a powerful tool powered by Google technology and owned by ClearObject with the primary goal of inspecting your energy infrastructure. Making use of ObjectiO reduces costs and downtime through photo analytics that adopt artificial intelligence.

ObjectiO is designed to identify flaws in your energy systems fast and solving them. With the help of subject matter experts, ClearObject created the wind turbine damage detection model. ObjectiO can spot the damages on the wind turbine blades through vision intelligence and classify the extent of the damage.

The first step is to upload photos to the model processed by the ObjectiO and results displayed on a screen for users to see. The screen displays results of each image are displayed next to it, indicating damage or no damage.

Since the ObjectiO is ready to use, there is no need for manual image inspection. As a result, the level of accuracy is high, and costs are reduced because there is no operational downtime. Additionally, you also have the option of running the models using an API or a user interface. The flexibility that ObjectiO offers enables it to be compatible with most systems without extra coding. ObjectiO comprises three core parts, namely ObjectiO Detect, ObjectiO Intelligence, and ObjectiO Reporting, which help your company appreciate the benefits of Visual Artificial Intelligence.

Once you are an ObjectiO client, you get to experience advantages such as 100 user licenses, unlimited image processing, the latest software releases, and 24-hour customer support for 60 days.

ClearObject is a well-known company that offers digital transformation through analytics. Being a Google Cloud Premier partner has helped the company in project management and data acquisition.

More information about the company is present on the company website www.clearobject.com of the company pages on Twitter and Facebook.

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