Chris Burch’s Futuristic Fashion Sense

There are few people more versed in the connection between fashion and technology than the billionaire investor and CEO of Burch Capital, J. Christopher Burch. Mr. Burch states that technology and fashion are always in a constant state of evolution but there is one connection between them that has always remained consistent – they move in tandem. Overtime, Burch asserts, technology becomes more fashionable the more feasible it’s implementation. This might sound a little odd but Burch illustrates what he means by turning to history.


In the 1970s the boom box was all the rage (if you grew up in that time period you doubtless remember the bulky, noisy things) because it was the first instance of music being easily accessible regardless of where you were. Given the fact that the vast majority of Americans at the time loved music as much as convenience, the boom box became a stellar success. However, only a decade later, in the 1990s, the boom box fell out of favor rather abruptly with the emergence of the walkman. Due to technological advancement which allowed more data to be stored in a smaller space, the walkman was markedly more compact, and as such, far more popular for both pragmatic and aesthetic reasons.


Chris Burch notes that understand the ways that technology and fashion feed into each other are integral to businessmen and women who are looking to invest in or create a market. One of the most interesting examples of this was also given by Mr. Burch in a recent article he wrote where he goes over the advances made by the investment firm, Soledad Martin who are researching ways to harness the kinetic energy generated by running to create shoes that will endlessly power one’s handheld devices and mobile phones. Just imagine that – all you would have to do then, if you wanted to charge your electronic devices, would be, well nothing, you’d just have to walk!


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