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Susan P. McGalla went to and graduated from the Mount Union College where she studied to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Business, Marketing. After graduation from Mount Union College, Susan went on to join American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. where she stood as the President and Chief Merchandising Officer for fifteen years from 1994 through till 2009. Revolving around the Greater Pittsburgh Area, Susan was responsible for developing portfolio expansions to turn one brand into four different unique brands of their own. Impressively managing to substantially increase the company’s revenue from 340 million dollars all the way up to above three billion dollars, McGalla proved herself a vital part of the the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. company.  Check this on

After successfully making her name prominent in the business world through her brilliant job at AEO, Susan McGalla turned her sights to a new adventure when in 2009 she decided to take a chance and become a Retail Industry Consultant for two years where she made more connections to the business universe that brought her up to her next awesome opportunity to join forces with The Wet Seal, Inc. in 2011 till 2012 where she stood as their Chief Executive Officer and a tremendous one at that, before moving on to start her own company.

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In January of 2013, Susan P. McGalla become the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. where she offered advisory services for her clients, mainly of which were of the Wall Street and Financial Communities.

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Today, Susan McGalla enjoys life as the vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC which she joined back in February of 2015. Located still out of the Greater Pittsburgh Area, McGalla makes sure to always elevate her clients to their absolute highest possible level of success

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