Reviewing The Contribution Of Eric Pulier To Entrepreneurship And Technology

Technology is one of the fastest growing areas and several experts are the reason the industry has managed to grow so fast. One of the individuals who has been pursuing technology since early years is Eric Pulier, who also happens to be a great entrepreneur. Eric Pulier is the reason behind the launch of several successful startups and his input to nurturing upcoming tech entrepreneurs has gone a long way to enhancing the development of new technology.


Early life and education

His quest for learning about technology started at a tender age, in fact before he reached fourth grade he had already started admiring technology and its usefulness. He pursued his dream and was able to launch a database company when he joined high school. He attended the Teaneck High school and graduated in 1984 ready to proceed to the next level.


In the year that followed, he enrolled for English and American Literature at the Harvard University. The course allowed him to take part in editing The Harvard Crimson, a magazine that highlighted campus life and different ideas. During this period, he was also taking Computer Science classes at MIT College. Eric Pulier graduated from both colleges in 1988 and garnered high honors.


Innovation and career

Eric Pulier launched his career in 1991 when he relocated to Los Angeles. He came up with a digital agency called People Doing Things that addressed the problems ailing different sectors of the government. He worked with several entrepreneurs and launched startups before in 1999 he came to the eyes of the public through a project that was meant to facilitate the inauguration of Bush and Al Gore for a second term.


He was given the technology exhibition that was to showcase the steps the government had taken to deal with different problems. His performance during this presentation allowed him to earn more points as a prolific technologist. He arranged the entire session into sections, each addressing a single problem and offering insight about the things people should expect for the future. At the peak of the program, he facilitated live streaming to the space shuttle.