Combating Lung Disease with Innovative Stem Cell Treatment at the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute was established to improve the overall quality of life for people suffering from chronic pulmonary disease. This includes men and women diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, or interstitial lung disease.

The reality is that the quality of life for people diagnosed with these types of lung conditions can be impacted significantly. These diseases can damage a person’s physical and mental health. Oftentimes, a person ends up suffering from physical and mental health issues.

Diseases like COPD can impact all areas in a person’s life. For example, a person can find it challenging to even undertake activities of daily living.

The Lung Institute utilizes an innovative stem cell treatment to lessen the debilitating symptoms of these lung disease. The treatment protocol utilizes autologous stem cells. What this means is that a patient’s own stem cells are used in the treatment process. As a result, the net effect of the treatment process used at the Lung Institute is the enhancement of a patient’s own body’s natural healing ability.

According to, unlike other treatments commonly used for certain lung diseases, the therapy regimen used at the Lung Institute has not appreciable side effects. The problem with other treatments commonly used to address diseases like COPD is that the side effects can be severe.

The stem cell treatment therapy and treatment process used at the Lung Institute does more than just aid in abating symptoms. Research is revealing that the stem cell treatment process used at the Lung Institute also appears to be effective at slowing the progression of certain lung diseases and conditions. This is another effect of the Lung Institute stem cell treatment process that distinguishes it from other alternatives.

Other treatments are not known to slow the progression of diseases like COPD. They merely relieve symptoms in most cases. Check out the Lung Institute’s website( and Facebook page for more info.