Prisoners Should Like The New Innovation By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has once again come up with cutting edge software for law enforcement. The Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search allows law enforcement to analyze voice data from phone calls coming in and out of prisons. When law enforcement identifies a particular suspect, they can feed his voice through the voice detection software. Once the voices recognized by this cutting-edge software, and the entire database of recorded phone calls can be searched for that particular vocal signature.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that secures government contracts to provide telephone services to prison and jail facilities. Once the contract is secured, the company begins to record every single phone call.


This may seem like alarming news if you are a prisoner or the loved one of an inmate. It may feel uncomfortable to have every single phone call you ever make recorded. But the software makes posterity possible when it comes to law enforcement investigations. Not only can law enforcement use the software to predict and prevent crime, it can be used by prisoners and inmates to prove innocence.


Since the voice detection software can analyze voices on incoming calls, law enforcement can keep tabs on people outside of the prison as well. If a criminal investigation is underway, voices on the outside of the prison are also fed through the software. It can tell law enforcement just which prisoners are communicating with each other and which people of interest on the outside of the prison are communicating with prisoners. With software this accurate, a suspect can prove his or her innocence by allowing law enforcement to search the database for their voice.


How Securus is Using Video Technology For Inmate Communication

Securus is a technology solutions company that is currently based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been delegated the responsibility of offering inmate communication services in some correction facilities. The company works closely with the civil and criminal justice systems to ensure that prisoners can communicate with their families and friends while in incarceration. It is also known for providing inmate self-service, information management, investigation services and biometric analysis.

Securus always seeks to promote the relationships that detainees had before their incarceration. It offers inmate privacy in their communications and has often been called upon to investigate any breaches of prisoners’ privacy and rights of communication. The company has many discussion forums that inmates can use. Prisoners can handle phone calls and video calls that are available on Google Play Store. Securus Technology offers one access to the services that Securus offers and one can learn more about its services and products. Securus also came up with a way of easing communication by providing video technology to help inmates connect better with their families and friends.

Through the video technology program, inmates get a real-time connection with their loved ones. The video call allows prisoners to communicate with their loved ones right from the comfort of their homes. Securus is offering detainees personal and close connections with their loved ones. I believe that through Securus prisoners and their loved ones can significantly benefit from modern technology. The company offers what the normal and regular inmate communication services does not provide.

Prisoners can enjoy a real-time connection with their loved ones thanks to Securus appreciating the role of technology in promoting and enhancing communication. I believe that if given a chance, Securus will ultimately make inmate life easier and less stressful by assuring detainees of continued loved ones’ support and understanding. Securus is slowly proving that being incarcerated does not mean that one should be denied the opportunity to enjoy what technology has to offer.

This video offers one a quick look at the kind of benefits that inmates will enjoy the video program that Securus will be providing detainees. The video visitation technology will go a long way in enhancing prisoner participation in real time events that their loved ones are participating in. The video visitation concert will offer inmates an experience that they have never experienced and will go to show that technology can be used in a productive and efficient manner for the benefit of all.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.