Duda Melzer is a company President with ambition

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known as “Duda”, to most of his colleagues and friends, is now officially the President of Grupo RBS. Eduardo took over this position from the prior President, Nelson Sirotsky, who happens to be Eduardo’s uncle. This is a step up from his prior status, as the company’s Vice President, which he labored at for 2 years before being promoted to President. After he was promoted, Eduardo’s nephew took over the role of Vice President, in his stead. The promotion was a very important ceremony for Brazilians and was broadcast over television networks to the company’s six thousand member staff.

Mr. Melzer’s grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky actually founded the Grupo RBS many years ago. Mr. Melzer experienced a deep fascination for the company from a very early age and maintains a firm passion for the company’s high level of technological advancements in the industry and especially the effect this has had on the people that live in Brazil.

Mr. Melzer expressed that in the 10 years that he has held an executive position within Grupo RBS, that he has personally witnessed the difficult laboring that the staff, who are very passionate about their work, have made. Mr. Melzer recently admitted, that now that he is President of the company, that he will begin to establish a new relationship with Grupo RBS, in order to adhere to the core values that are responsible for moving the company forward and to make certain that the company’s importance to the community of Brazilians, remain at its highest. In fact, Eduardo Melzer had confessed that he will convey with newspaper publishers, radio as well as, television broadcasters to maintain a valuable and profitable affiliation with his company.