Jason Hope, a Scottsdale Entrepreneur with a Future Inclination

Jason Hope Technology FuturistJason Hope is deeply entrenched in technology and focuses on technologies that improve the quality of life and the future of the Arizona societies. His dedication and intensive thinking on the vision of the future have made him a famous American futurist.


Jason Hope is a prominent American technology expert, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He trained at the Arizona State University where he graduated with his M.B.A

Technology and Futurist

Jason sees technology as the future of everything. His technological projects target several research and developments. He has created several mobile apps, gaming software, desktop software, and devices that support connectivity. He also has a special focus on the power of technology in enhancing the conditions that human beings are exposed to every day and how to make life easier and enjoyable. Jason is always on the move looking for new ways to employ technology to the advantage of the people.

As a futurist, Jason works with individuals and organizations and assist them to progress in the right direction as they develop revolutionary technical advancements. Jason has been known for his promotion of net neutrality. Net neutrality is a principle that makes the internet an open and neutral platform that permits access to all content and data irrespective of the end-user of the source and regardless of the regulating government or service provider.

The other futuristic development is the Internet of Things which connect objects to the internet’s connectivity hence allowing transfer of data. Jason has a strong conviction that the Internet of Things will be a driving force in the future as more objects will be interconnected. From automotive to coffee makers, permitting the sending and receiving of data, as well as accurately predict and attend to human needs. The Internet of Things has multiple benefits. It allows businesses to connect remotely, improves mobile connectivity, and enhances the speed and reliability of computing devices.


Jason’s philanthropic interests are based on biotechnology advancements. He believes that his assets have placed him in a position to contribute to the society and this compels him to give to the welfare of other people. He is passionate about helping local organizations and giving back to the society. He is pleased to see Arizona’s local community prosper. Jason offers support to humanitarian groups that are dedicated to working on improving the future of humankind, especially through curbing the effects of aging to increase the lifespan and health of individuals. For instance, he contributed to the AGE-Breaker laboratory of the SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope founded a grant program for providing start-up capital to young innovators in college and high school. Jason is always searching for projects and companies that he can impact with his resources, time, and influence.

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