Serial Entrepreneur Offers a Business Incubator

Marc Sparks is a successful serial entrepreneur who now helps new businesses grow into profit-making enterprises. Under this program, presently there are three different companies based within Timber Creek Capital LP, a company Mr. Sparks owns.

These new ventures are offered an incubation period during which they get assistance in the form of counseling plus access to resources including capital, office space, and marketing. Only a few companies are accepted at a time.

“As a serial entrepreneur and student of what it takes to succeed in this world, I have found that a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is no less than 25% of the overall ingredients necessary to succeed,” claims Mr. Sparks.

In a book “They Can’t Eat You,” this serial entrepreneur gives both business success and business failure stories and valuable experiences he has gained throughout 35 years of entrepreneurship. Some even call him “entreprenuers’ entrepreneur.”

Mark Sparks’ company, Timber Creek Capital LP, is a private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas. It serves new businesses with a wide array of financial, advisory, and professional services.

As he says, “I have seen every level of entrepreneurial success and failure and this is why Timber Creek Capital, LP is so qualified to help take on entrepreneurs’ ideas and turn them into prosperous business models.”

The company owns big stakes in businesses such as Blu Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, Cobalt Real Estate Services, plus others. Some businesses were already cashed in successfully.

Outside his business, Mr. Sparks likes to get involved in philanthropic activities. Since the late 1980s, he has been involved with The Samaritarian Inn, which is a shelter for the homeless. It houses as many as 160 people a night. He has also donated money to a program in Dallas area which assists people in getting their high school diplomas, a must for most jobs.