Everything You Need to Know About Todd Lubar

A loving father of two beautiful children in Bethesda, Maryland.. with a history of major money making under his belt! Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Both a lover and a fighter, Lubar had a passion for helping people and a firey interest in the world of business. This gave him the fuel he needed to venture on to live a life filled with success and accomplishments that will be remembered for longer than he could ever hope.

The year of 1995 is when Todd Lubar officially decided to become as intricately involved in the real estate industry as he was. Being as passionate as he was about helping people and how interested he was in every aspect of this industry, Lubar decided to make it his life long career. Only four years later Lubar began to expand in this industry and had successfully acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. However, Lubar didn’t stop here! In 2002 he decided to take his real estate focus to a much larger level by opening up Legendary Properties, LLC; a successful residential development company.

Throughout the course of his career, Todd Lubar established several strong relationships with powerful people involved in major banking institutions. This made him able to establish lines of credit that became tremendously rich, reaching numbers as high as twenty million dollars!

Continuing his epic involvement in real estate related business, at one point in his career Lubar entered into and became terribly passionate about the mortgage banking industry. Some time into his involvement in this particular industry Lubar decided to launch Charter Funding in 2003, a subsidiary of “First Magnus Financial Corporation” – one of the largest and most successful privately held mortgage company in the country.

Like all good things, major changes began to happen in the mortgage industry between 2007-2008.. forcing Lubar to venture into other areas of business; for example, Todd got quite involved in commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling for a good amount of time.

A successful businessman who discovered much about himself throughout the course of his career, and how to better his ability to provide services across the country. A great man, a knowledgeable person, a loving father. Todd Lubar has become a legend in this industry.