Stephen Murray of CCMP Leaves a Legacy

Stephen Murray was born and raised up in the environs of the Westchester County in the New York. He graduated from the Boston College in the year 1984 with an undergraduate degree specializing in economics.

Later on, he earned his master’s degree in business administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School. He died at the age of 52 from health related reasons. Murray’s survivors are his companion, Tami A. Murray, together with their four handsome sons. The couple had their home in Stanford.

Stephen Murray career life

Murray began his profession in 1994; his first job was working at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation being part of the credit specialist teaching program. He was industrious and goal oriented. Murray handled any work assigned to him with enthusiasm.

Due to his prowess, he later joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989, which pooled Manufacturers Hanover’s equity group with its leveraged investment unit. Manufacturers were then absorbed by Chemical Bank in the year1991; MH Equity amalgamated with the Chemical Venture Partners. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

In 1996, the Chemical Bank combined with the Chase Manhattan Corporation while Chemical Venture Partners became Chase Finance Partners. Murray became the head of business at the JP Morgan Partners. He co-founded CCMP Capital, a split of the JP Morgan Chase that enclosed the takeover and growth equity group of its private equity group.

According to Bloomberg and Pehub, Stephen Murray was named the CEO of CCMP in August 2006. Murray was an industry pioneer with a lot of brilliant ideas. He was tasked with making the company’s final decisions and advising the firm on the viable investment to make.

CCMP invested around hundred million dollars to five hundred million dollars of capital per transaction. It laid emphasis on organizations in the industrial, consumer, energy, healthcare sectors.

As one of the founding member of CCMP Capital, he was an impressive investor and decision maker who spent most of his profession in private finance. He made a positive contribution to CCMP.

During his tenure as the CEO, he steered CCMP to greater heights by increasing its capital investment and equity. He served as the CEO for around twenty-five years. He is accredited as the man behind the success of CCMP and its forerunners. Stephen Murray acted as a board member of major companies.