Sawyer Howitt, Successful Entrepreneur and World Class Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt’s main job is managing and directing the Meriwether Group, a financial consulting and business support company that was founded by his father. His passion however is racquetball. Between his work with the company and his charitable work, it is hard to believe that Sawyer Howitt can find time to play. However he has been since high school. A leftie and mostly a singles player, Howitt has entered two championships but regrettably wasn’t able to win either one.

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Since leaving high school, Howitt has primarily played at the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon, a family oriented club in the West Hills of Portland. Although a senior citizen, some predict that he could represent the United States in the Olympic Games and could go on to be one of the best racquetball players in the world. Despite his age, Sawyer Howitt’s greatest edge is probably his experience. Being a life long player has definitely helped him in going up against opponents of different calibers and types. Despite his two losses in the championships he has entered, Sawyer Howitt is known as a talented player and formidable opponent. For now, Sawyer Howitt plays mostly with two former classmates, both of whom were doubles finalists in 2015 at the Racquetball Club of Portland.