Brad Reifler – Providing Result-Oriented Financial Consultancy Through Cutting-Edge Strategy

There are many unique personalities in the financial world in the United States, but one man that has achieved great success throughout his career includes Brad Reifler. He has started leading commercial companies, such as Pali Capital Management, Forefront Capital Management, and Reifler Trading Company.

As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he is attached to many top companies, including some of the high net worth businesses in Fortune 500 list. He through his business acumen and financial expertise has helped many of his clients to gain success and achieve their long-term investment goals.

The core strength of Brad Reifler has been to analytically study the past and present financial and market trends, which helps him devise some of the cutting-edge financial strategies. It is these strategies that have helped his companies as well as his clients to consistently grow and remain profitable, even in the most volatile times financially the world over.

Brad has a long-term vision when it comes to financing and having seen the financial market transform over the years in front of his eyes, has helped him gain tremendous insight that aids him in developing financial strategies that get results.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler after leaving Reifler Trading Company, started another firm named Pali Capital, where he worked as a Chief Executive Officer for 13 years.

During his time with Pali Capital, he managed to achieve great success by delivering some of the most breakthrough results the financial industry has ever seen, including netting $200 million and more in profits each year.

When he left Pali Capital, the company till then had amassed over $1 Billion in profits only on commissions, which showcases his leadership skills and ability to craft innovative sales strategy in an otherwise highly competitive financial industry.

Brad Reifler is on the board of many other top financial companies and provides strategic guidance and inputs that help them achieve great results. Some of the companies where Brad is part of the board of directors include Foresight Research Solutions, ROOT Exchange, European American Investment Bank, ITG Investment Research Inc, and Genesis Securities.

His innovative financial and investment strategies are commended and followed by many of the top financial executives in the world today, which consist of fusing the derivate structures with credit analysis to get results.

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