WEN By Chaz: Luxurious No Lather Products For Luxurious Hair

Beauty blogger Emily McClure was used to a routine for her fine limp hair, but her results were nothing spectacular. Emily has hair that doesn’t behave, and she was frustrated with the situation.

That’s when the contributor to Bustle.com decided to go the WEN way for seven days and try the extraordinary no lather shampoo system. She took hair selfies and kept a hair log to chart her journey.

WEN Hair is very different from regular shampoos, because it’s made with zero parabens, sulfates and other ugly chemicals. That means there is zero lather, which is weird for first time users to experience. Instead, thick rich cleansing conditioners provide a smoothing and soothing experience where tangles never come about.

LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the WEN By Chaz hair care line to offer women around the world a healthy shampoo alternative. According to crunchbase.com, some 40,000 bottles have been sold; need we say more?

WEN’s superior formulas contain hair fortifiers and shiners in wonderful blends of herbal and fruit-based extracts.

Emily McClure washed her hair in WEN’s Italian Mandarin Fig and was blown away by the volume and manageability she received. The shine was gorgeous, and her close friends instantly noticed Emily had new hair.

As long as Emily washed with the QVC endorsed brand each morning and blow-dried and curled her locks, the effect was pure Hollywood. If she veered off course and washed with WEN at night or skipped a wash, she awoke to a case of the greasiest.

Every head of hair is unique, and Emily just got better results using WEN in the mornings. She concluded that WEN By Chaz requires blow-drying and styling tools to create that head-turning mane.

Emily highly recommends WEN and hopes to return to the system when she has the time to pamper her hair.

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