Motivation and Accountability

In an interesting turn of events, one time free to use classroom aid, ClassDojo, is rumored to become pay to use. The creators of the social platform, Liam Don and Sam Chaudharry, have taken note how popular their invention has become and are now interested in looking at gaining some capital from its widespread use. This is a curious endeavor as the class specific rewards system has always been free, although if the program does become subscription based the founders claim that more features will become available to those that still wish to use it during class time.


The program they created, ClassDojo, acts in much the same way as popular social network platforms like Facebook or Myspace. The application is classroom specific, meaning that the only individuals who can see progress is other classmates, the teacher who first sets the classroom up online, and anyone who the teacher shares the virtual environment with. The program can then be used as a means to share video, audio and images with students, as well as assignments and grade progress.


Another interesting feature to ClassDojo, which outshines all others and makes the program standout, is its robust rewards system. The teacher has the ability to increase students point totals; giving them additional points when they do something well or when they behave, and deducting point when they do the opposite. Parents who can download the Class Dojo application to their mobile device and can keep track of how their child is doing in class in real time, meaning that if their child misbehaves and receives a disciplinary action for something they did in class they can see the deduction in points and can ask their child about it later after school has ended for the day.


ClassDojo is a strong merit program that influences student progress and helps them be accountable for their own actions. It creates a fun environment for students to learn in and the point system helps them keep track of not only their own progress, but allows them to stay focused and not misbehave knowing that their parents have the ability to directly keep track of their actions. This is a must have for any elementary school environment.


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The Growth of Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a non-profit organization that offers religious courses on Kabbalah and the Zohar. These courses are offered free of charge and are offered both online and offline. Offline courses are offered in designated centers around the globe. Some of the centers are regional, and the teachings can be offered in the form of study groups. Philip Berg first introduced the development of Kabbalah teaching together with his wife, Karen Berg. The organization has a multi-ethnic teaching staff that is dedicated to offering training to their student’s worldwide.
People who wish to start learning Kabbalah are not required to have a Judaism as a prerequisite. Kabbalah centers and teachings are open for all irrespective of one’s religious or linguistic orientation. People are not either required to know Jewish and Hebrew texts for them to understand Kabbalah.


The Kabbalah headquarters based in Los Angeles California was set up in the year 1914. Where Karen Berg and her sons were the spiritual leaders and the directors of the organization. The organization spread fast and has over 50 branches worldwide. Among the branches are in major cities such as New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles and London.

Kabbalah has its relation to various religions. It shares its beliefs with Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Although Kabbalah teachings relate to some of the teachings of the religions as mentioned earlier, spiritual leaders warn that Kabbalah is not an alternative to these faiths.

Kabbalah teachings include Bible teachings such as the passage of the red sea. The story studied in the Kabbalah and Zohar courses come from spiritual leaders. Yehuda Berg, son of Karen Berg, has produced a series of teachings from the Bible for Kabbalah teachings.

Since its inception in the year, 1914 kabbalah has received a positive response as more and more people from different religions has taken the Kabbalah courses whether it is through the internet or offline physical classes.  However, Kabbalah will continue to offer guidance and teachings to more people around the world.

A New Way for Parents and Teachers to Communicate

Technology has enhanced the way teachers and parents communicate in many ways, but now with the ClassDojo app the communication gap is being bridged even more so. With this app teachers and parents are able to privately text each other about the child and the child’s education in order to improve the continuity of the child’s education. No longer do they have to wait until parent/teacher conference which is on a quarterly basis to have an in-depth discussion about the child and how they are doing in school. Teachers are able to share photos and videos of the child in their learning environment throughout the day in order to show the parents the projects and reports the child is working on. This also includes fun photos and videos while on field trips and at other events. The child is also able to add photos and videos to their own digital portfolio included in this app so they can showcase their work to their parents.

The communication platform that ClassDojo provides is limitless and like no other. Keeping up to date on what the child is learning about can also overflow into the home where the parent can help the child with areas they need and it allows the parents to feel confident in knowing they are staying on top of things.

Included in this app is a calendar of events that allows the teachers and administrators to post about upcoming events and dates for the parents. Parents now can plan ahead and stay current on what is coming up so they will not miss out anything important.

Class Dojo is now in approximately two-thirds of schools all across the United States and that number is steadily rising as more and more school are seeing the advantages of using this app. It is opening the lines of communication between parents and teachers like has never been done before. There is nothing more important to a parent when sending their child off to school than assuring their child is receiving the education they need. With the open lines of communication the ClassDojo app provides this helps the parents know their child is receiving the proper education and it also helps them feel more connected to the classroom and the whole learning experience.
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