Education Paves The Way For Avi Weisfogel And Other Dental Professionals

Education is very important to the future of any up and coming senior. The decisions they will make is very important and can affect their future career decisions. The decision to become a dentist is one choice that requires a great deal of education. It also requires that the individual has and keeps good grades in high school. Colleges look at the overall grades and extra-curricular participation while a student attends high school. Dentist and other medical professionals hopefuls will attend classes that outline basic health issues. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a prominent dentist from New Jersey, began his career in this manner. He made the choice to study hard and graduate with the hopes of becoming the best dentist in the area.


Avi Weisfogel was born in 1972. After high school, Avi attended New York University. His Doctorate of Dental Science is allowing him to practice dentistry. HIs first office, the Old Bridge Dental office, was a stepping stone to many new and challenging career decisions. Avi made his name by working and owning part of the Dental Sleep Masters business and by giving educational lectures to other dental professionals. The information that Avi offers is specifically designed to assist other dental professionals in understanding diseases like sleep apnea.


Avi has other interests. He attends as many athletic events as he can. He has tickets to the NY Rangers, The Cleveland Browns, The Celtics and the Lakers. He also likes music such as hip hop. Avi Weisfogel is one of the several dental professionals that is participating in the Operation Smile Fundraiser and that rides on the van donating his time to help others. When Avi began his career he made a decision to do as much for humanity as he could. Helping others understand sleep apnea will help others to save lives. Sleep apnea is a silent killer of many. With education and an understanding of the disease, the hope of many professionals is that the disease will no longer be a mystery.

Donations are being accepted on the go fund me page for operation smile. These donations will help dentists continue to provide free dental work for people that are unable to pay for it.