Fabletics Gives You The Best Athletic Wear Possible

Something For Everyone

The internet is changing the way we shop for clothes by giving us more personalized options. Fabletics takes that model and applies it to athletic wear with amazing success. Simply subscribe to the Fabletics website, fill out a brief survey, and the website will you an array of clothing options specifically for your body and lifestyle. If you enjoy casual exercise and you sport a petite figure you can find clothes just for you. On the other hand if you are into a more intense routine or sports there are clothing options for you to enjoy as well.



Worth Every Penny

The subscription fee for Fabletics is $49.95 a month but you do get your money’s worth. Thanks to some sophisticated algorithms Fabletics is able to tailor clothing for your exact interest. The success of this model isn’t surprising either when you look at the former projects of Fabletics cofounders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Prior to Fabletics they were involved in JustFab which uses a similar model of e-commerce to give customers personalized clothing. The duo have pioneered many of the keys of success in online retail.



The Amazing Deals

The Fabletics business model offers some of the most amazing fashion deals you’ll find. When you become a VIP member you see prices reduced greatly and you’ll save on your first purchase. On the first day of every month you get the outfits you buy sent to your house. These outfits you pick out are only shipped if you agree to allow for that to happen. If you don’t want an outfit shipped Fabletics will simply give you store credit instead. You can then use that store credit to buy anything you would like on the Fabletics website.



The Numbers Don’t Lie

Fabletics is an incredibly popular brand thanks to the hard work of Kate Hudson and the development team behind the website. Not only will you find Fabletics clothing on their website you will also find it in brick and mortar stores as well. There are currently six physical locations where you can purchase Fabletics clothing in person. They offer the same athletic wear you can find on the website but without the waiting time. Even better more than 100 new locations are opening. Moving from the internet to the real world shows just how amazing this brand really is.