Professional Excellence: Troy McQuagge

Business professional, Troy McQuagge has worked exceptionally well in his longterm career. Helping to guide his company into unparalleled success, Troy is the current CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. His hard work and extreme dedication has earned him several acknowledgements from his peers and fellow workers.

Mr.McQuagge was recently awarded an acknowledgement of excellence from the prestigious One Planet Awards. Named the Gold Winner, One Planet Awards honored Troy for his successful professional accomplishments.

The One Planet Awards is a global program which specializes in honoring professionals across the globe. Separating awards into a variety of categories, the One Planet Awards program provides exceptional honors to marketers, PR Figures, professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations.

Success did not come over night for Troy McQuagge. He stepped into his leadership role with USHEALTH Group Inc in 2010. Upon the acceptance of his prestigious award, Mr.McQuagge provided thanks to all of his coworkers. He believes his success is, in part, a side effect of working with hardworking and determined peers at USHEALTH Group Inc.

The Texas based company offers unique and ideal insurance coverage. The company provides services to small, sizeable and independent businesses alike. The company aims at providing self employed workers with health coverage for themselves and employees. The USHEALTH Group Inc company combines the best avaliable professional staff memebers to service their clients. Setting the bar for excellence, Troy McQuagge assisted his professional team memebers in pushing USHEALTH Group Inc above competitors in the insurance service field.

Troy was able to apply his well experienced background into his role as CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. With a collective experience totalling 30 years, Troy is a seasoned strategists and service provider. Recognizing his undeterred hard work, the One Planet Award program eagerly provided the President and CEO with an honorary award.