Susan Mcgalla and Her Role in Encouraging Women Excel in Corporate and Business Sector

Some women have been successful in various career fields. However, an equal number of them do not know what to do to be successful women. Women nowadays are in boardrooms, and things like unequal pay and inequality for women does not exist anymore, unlike in the past. The positive changes are as a result of efforts by government and non-governmental organizations to curb challenges.


Women know how to carry out several tasks at once and still excel in those jobs. Over the years, some women have proven their ability to take up any challenge that comes their way. Such women are doing well in the corporate world, based on their leadership skills. They are also establishing their ventures and managing them well.


Very powerful women are now dominating the business world; some are coming up while others are already doing well in the sector. In the past, the business world was a no-go-zone for ladies because men had dominated it. However, this is not the case for Susan McGalla. Women like Susan McGalla act as role models to other women since they are at the top of their careers. Such ladies are good at networking, and their management skills are exceptional.


About Susan McGalla


Susan is a successful business lady who understands what it feels like to climb the ladder of success and maintain the position. According to Susan, she believes that passion, hard work, confidence, and versatility are necessary attributes for success. Susan understands that positive results are as a result of sacrifice and powerful traits. Susan advises other women to work hard and sacrifice to make ordinary and extraordinary results both in the business and corporate world. Susan admits knowing she has greatness, and she believed in herself.


McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Executive Consulting has its headquarters in Pittsburgh. McGalla is the director of Pittsburgh Steelers, where she heads Strategic Planning and Growth. She has experience in retail and clothing fields. Her expertise attracts personalities in the area of finance. Susan was working at Joseph Horne Company before joining American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. McGalla had principles and ethics. That explains why she became the president and chief merchandising officer of this firm. Before that, Susan got a promotion to become the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle brand flagship. Susan then left employment to become a private consultant. Currently, McGalla is a consulting expert.

How James Dondero Finds Success Where Others Have failed

James Dondero is the CEO and President of Highland Capital Management. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in Business majoring in Accounting and Finance. Dondero started his career as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty program at J.P Morgan. Dondero left the company to join American Express as a corporate bond analyst before he was promoted to Portfolio Manager. Dondero left American Express to join Protective Life where he grew its assets to $2 billion over the course of four years. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital with Mark Okada in 1993. He is the chairman of the boards of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.


James Dondero recently appeared in the cover story of Barron’s magazine. The article reviews his investment policy and how he has been able to succeed by being unconventional. Dondero has developed a reputation for investing in unlikely prospects such as American Airlines and a bankrupt energy company in Texas. Dondero said that the biggest contributor to his success is his ability to solve puzzles. He can spot emerging trends and think through complex deals. The firm offers investors the access to its best investment ideas that are curated by James Dondero. He does this through the Highland Global Allocation fund. It is worth more than eight hundred million dollars. The fund has gained nearly 30% over the past year. It is listed in the world allocation category by Morningstar.


The Highland Global fund has risen and fallen several times in the last couple of years due to its nature of investing. The firm was ranked at the bottom in 2015. This is because the fund made an early move in the energy sector. This grew exponentially last year. The improvement in energy stocks sent the fund to the top last year. The fund was one of the first investors in the sovereign debt of Argentina in 2014 after conducting a lot of research in the country. The move paid off because the economy of the country started to show signs of recovery a year later.


Business Advancement of Adam Milstein and His Contribution to Jewish-Americans

Adam Milstein is a Managing Associate at Hager Pacific Properties; a private real estate investment company based in the United States. He is also the National Chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council where he serves as the chair of its national expansion. Adam is involved in real estate investment, community leadership, and philanthropy. He graduated in 1978 from Technion Institute after serving in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. Adam later earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California. He began his real estate investment business career in 1883 in Southern California.

Adam is also a board member of various organizations such as StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, AISH Los Angeles, Hasbara Fellowship, AIPAC National Council, and the Israel on Campus Coalition. Furthermore, Adam and his wife Gila co-founded a nonprofit organization that offers monthly Hebrew books containing Jewish values to Israeli-Jewish-American families exceeding 15,000 in the United States. Later, Adam and Gila started a family foundation that sponsors young professionals and students to identify with their Jewish origin, to be proud of being Jews, get attached to the State of Israel, and give them knowledge and facts to support the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Hager Pacific Properties finds its direction in an investment philosophy executed through the acquisition of environmentally impacted, aged or under-performing real estate. Their investments increase in value due to reuse, repositioning, or renovation of the property. The company self-funds its investments in properties without the use of external capital, thus creating an efficient experience for sellers and brokers. It owns and manages more than 100 properties all over the United States including commercial and industrial property covering 12 million square feet and 2,300 apartment units. The senior management includes Robert Neal, Adam Milstein, Jason Schirn, and David Hager.



Sometimes a good pedigree does not guarantee a good place in life but when one combines it with hard work and determination; they excel beyond their own expectations. Scott Rocklage, an American doctor situated in California is one to attest on the above. He has continued to excel due to his good scientific background and the numerous years of experience and is now one of the very famous people in the field.



He studied bachelor in science chemistry at the University of California. He later received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the early 1990s he was able to secure a job as company president at Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc where he worked until 2001. He was able to rise to a chairman and director in the same company, a seat he held until 2004. He also served as its founding CEO from 1994 to 2003. In 1990, he became the president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, Inc and later become the CEO, chairman and president of Nycomed Interventional in 1992. He joined Achaogen, Inc in 2004 and served as its director until 2015 and Miikana Therapeutics Inc. and Semprus also gave him a role as executive director in the company. He has also served at various leadership positions at Relypsa, Inc., EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Pulmatrix, Inc. and Semprus BioSciences Corp. He is probably among the few people who can perform multi-jobs excellently. Not once did any of the companies complain about any sort of reluctance from him, he is always proactive in all his duties.



Currently, he works at 5AM Ventures IV, L.P. and 5AM Venture Management LLC as a venture partner since 2003 and became the managing partner in 2004. It is a venture capital firm based in California that seeks to finance early-stage life science companies. It also takes up late stage ventures and private equity investments. Most of the company’s clients consist of medical technology, biopharmaceutical, research instrument and life sciences industries. During his service he was able to raise the company $285 million to its venture capital fund directed towards building of Life science industries. He is also still working with Rennovia, Cidara (NASDAQ: CDTX), Kinestral and on the Boards of Pulmatrix (NASDAQ: PULM) and Epirus (NASDAQ: EPRS).



Scott Rocklage has gathered years of experience in science that have proven very helpful in his career. With his extensive knowledge he has not only been able to lead numerous companies but also published several peer reviewed publications regarding science and research. He has invented or co-invented 30 patents in U.S. and is now based in the 5AM Ventures’ branch in Boston. His determination to the field of science is exemplary and worth recognition. He is the reason behind many of the enabled scientific and medical researches around the world.