Organo Gold Will Make You Feel Great From Inside and Out

It all began with Bernardo Chua, the founder or Organo Gold. Because of his roots in the Philippines and his rich Chinese heritage, he has gained a vast amount of knowledge on ganpderma. Also known as polypore mushrooms, there are as many as 80 species and they have many beneficial powers.

Bernardo Chua is one of the first to market the herb globally and his vision was to create a company that would spread its benefits to the Western world.

Oregano Gold is based in Canada, has over one million distributers all over the world and is currently the 55th largest direct sales company globally, operates in over 50 countries and continues to grow.

Specializing in gourmet coffees, hot chocolate, teas, brewing cups, body management products and even personal care products, all of the herbs used for manufacturing Oregano Gold’s products are vigorously tested before making it to distribution.

They are available exclusively through Oregano independent Distributers and can be ordered on their website. Shipping options and discounted sales are also available through he website. There are many business opportunities available with Oregano Gold should you choose to join the team.

The Oregano family has a strong loyalty to each other and as a united team, are making a positive impact on the world to promote well-being, honesty and opportunities to create a better life.

Education is very important to Bernardo Chua and he has invested a lot of his time teaching people about the miracles of herbs. Bernardo Chua has strong ties to The Napoleon Hill Foundation and is affiliated with the Think and Grow Rich book which has helped millions of people become successful in business and financially independent.

Oregano Gold is not just another business but is making a difference and a strong impact on the world. Organo Gold is a corporate sponsor of the non-profit OG Cares Foundation which is known for supporting youth by giving them opportunities to become contributing and respected members of society. You can even request a sample from an OG Distributer to see for yourself what all the buzz is about!