Wengie to the rescue with 10 clever, lazy hair hacks

We all want to look cute and put together, and our hair is a huge part of that effect. But spending a lot of time and effort is not always possible when you’ve got to get yourself out the door in the morning.



Wengie gets it. She’s shared 10 super-smart and super-quick hair hacks in this fun video.



Hair health is important to any look. She has two suggestions to keep hair looking shiny and lustrous. Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins are her answer to getting plenty of the vitamins hair needs to stay strong and healthy. She also recommends sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse without stripping vital moisture while maintaining expensive color treatments.



Wengie demonstrates 2 pretty and amazingly easy hairstyles in this video. First is a 5 minute pull out braid that looks difficult to do, but watching her execute it in mere minutes will have you trying it yourself. She also shows an elegant, feminine messy bun using only an old sock and a couple of bobby pins, again taking only minutes to complete.



Oh, those disappearing bobby pins! She starts by showing how you can keep track of them in an old Tic Tac container, but the truly brilliant suggestion is her magnetic tape idea. You’ll want to try this one.



Hands-free hair drying is a dream come true with this clever workaround. Just wedge your blow dryer into a dresser or vanity drawer, aim it at your hair and by just moving your head around a bit, you can put on your makeup or whatever else you need to do while drying your hair.



Wengie also has hacks for making plastic claw clips non-slip using a glue gun, curling hair without a curling iron, keeping skinny braids secured with an invisible bobby pin, and camouflaging annoying root regrowth.



That’s a lot of ground to cover in just thirteen minutes, but well worth the time, and she’s fun to watch. You’re sure to find something – probably several things – in this video to help streamline your morning routine.



Save Time With Wengie

Popular YouTube celebrity Wengie recently released a video that outlines ten everyday improvements that people can make to increase efficiency in their daily lives. While the life hacks vary in their general usefulness and universal applicability, some of them are actually surprisingly effective given their simplicity.

For instance, if you’re someone that regularly uses ear plugs to listen to music, then you might want to consider flipping them upside down and wearing them on the opposite ear. By switching the ear plugs around in this way, you create a tighter fit around your ears and ensure that they don’t get tangled up while you’re moving around. If you’re someone that regularly takes your iPod out while jogging, then this can be a real lifesaver.

For the budding chefs out there, Wengie details a very nice trick that can apply to virtually any small ingredient that needs to be cut in half. While Wengie uses cherry tomatoes, it’s easy to see how this trick could be applied to a whole range of other foods. In her example, Wengie gathers up a bunch of cherry tomatoes and then puts them in between two lids.

Of course, these are just a couple of the many tricks that Wengie outlines in her video. If you’ve found these tricks useful, or are curious to see what other tricks she has up her sleeve, then be sure to check out the video for yourself.
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