A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Successful Career

In his career, Eric Pulier has succeeded in many fronts. He is an entrepreneur, technologist, published author, public speaker and a philanthropist. Eric is the founder and co-founder of more than 15 successful corporations. Some of the technology companies that he has founded, co-founded or funded are ServiceMesh, Akana, Desktone, Media Platform and US Interactive among others. Eric has also invested in venture capital funds like eCompanies, Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital. He enrolled in Harvard University where he graduated Magnum Cum Laude in 1988. He studied English and American Literature, Visual and Environmental Studies and Computer Science. In addition, the tech guru served as an author of a weekly column known as PulierLeg on the widely read and shared journal, Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Mr. Pulier played a crucial role in conceiving and running President Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration event themed “Bridge to the 21st Century.” He showcased the future impact of exponential technologies in different sectors of the economy, including healthcare, entertainment, environment and education among others. Eric was responsible for seeking funds for the project, including acquiring and shipping required equipment and technology. Thousands of people attended the event. Owing to the event’s popularity, Eric was featured in almost all the media stations in America. He maintained a strong relationship with Al Gore. Later, Eric served on healthcare & technology committees besides making significant contributions on the Family Reunion Conference.

Eric Pulier has also donated his resources in support of using technology to help disadvantaged communities and children in the United States and beyond. He established a premier multimedia educational program for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Eric participated in the US Doctors for Africa benefit event. He was also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative to provide low-cost clouding. The entrepreneur is the founding donor of ACE Foundation. He is also a financial donor of Campaign for Free College Tuition, the XPRIZE Foundation (a charitable organization that arranges competitions on technological developments to benefit mankind) and Starlight Foundation for kids suffering from chronic illnesses. Some of his publications include The Enterprise Industrial Complex and Understanding Enterprise SOA, which were published in 2012 and 2005 respectively.