ClassDojo Raises $21 Billion In Series B Round

It has been announced that ClassDojo has raised $21 million in the Series B round of funding by venture capitalists. ClassDojo created an app that acts as a communication platform for teachers, parents, and students grow a community of support for the child’s education. The co-founders of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, said they will use the additional funding to grow their team and add additional features to the smartphone app. Check for more details.

The app allows parents and teachers to communicate on a day-to-day basis about what is happening in the classroom and how their child is doing. This keeps parents far more up to date on their child’s progress than the older way of holding a parent-teacher conference every three months. The app allows teachers to show the class schedule of activities to parents as well as share photos and videos of the students work and class participation. Keeping parent more in the loop leads to a positive culture in the classrooms and schools that use ClassDojo. Check here.

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When they found the company in 2011 they didn’t see any other free and easy-to-use apps that would help connect teachers, parents, and students together. In the six years since ClassDojo has grown to be used in 85,000 schools across the country.

Some of the features that are under consideration for adding to the app are the ability to buy custom yearbooks or lessons that can be used at home. they could also add the ability for parents to pay things like lunches and field trips through the app.

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