Cassio Audi Is An Experienced Finance Professional

Cassio Audi is one person who always knew what his goal was in life. Hence he did his graduation in Business Administration. Then he did his MBA in finance. Now he has coupled this with 23 years of experience in various sectors of the finance industry. Such credentials have made Cassio Audi an enviable force in the finance sector.


He has worked in all kinds of enterprises. That would include start-ups, besides public enterprises as well as with private companies. He has worked with large multinational firms, besides private equity businesses, along with turn-around cases. Such kind of varied experience has made him an authority in the financial world today.


Cassio Audi understands this business really well. He is able to define as well as drive operations in a way that can foster any business. He is able to enhance productivity this way.


He advocates change as he is well aware that change will always be the only constant thing in business. For any business to survive as well as sustain itself, it is important to look around, see the change around and then adapt its processes accordingly.


He is known for his communication skills too. This is why he is a popular speaker. He has spoken on various topics that are related to finance. This way he is able to share his knowledge of finance with his audience.


Cassio Audi is also well-known for his interpersonal skills. This allows him to get along with his staff that can be at any level.


His career started in 1992 when he joined J P Morgan Chase. He was a trader with them. Since then he worked in a number of companies and did a variety of roles.


He has a simple working style. This allows him to motivate people. He believes in being able to implement his ideas.

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